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Thread: getting AB universe diapers australia.

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    Default getting AB universe diapers australia.

    title pretty much says it all, would anyone have any idea where? like obviously online, but not from abuniverse because the shipping is just way too expensive to here.

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    I'm afraid you're out of luck if you want the specialty ABDL brands. They are only produced in one place and shipping will always be expensive do to the distance and how they package them (To keep things secret, of course)
    You might get lucky on eBay or something, but I wouldn't count on it.

    Only solution I have for ya is to find other ABDLs nearby and pool your orders together to share the shipping fee, then either meet up, or mail them out to the owners.
    There are plenty of us Aussies around, and that's really the only way I can think of to reduce the shipping cost.

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    I've heard Australian friends mentioning a supplier called Tottybots which carries ABU and Bambino diapers, although one of them had a pretty bad experience with the shipment (he had to solicit it several times and ended up taking a month or so....).

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    Yeah I just checked out the Tottybots site and it looks pretty damned dodgy. I'd rather buy off sellers on eBay and run the risk of bad packaging.

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    I have purchased multiple times from Tottybots and never had any problems. You can pay by paypal too, so your payment is secure. Bambinos and ABU diapers are awesome!!

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    Given all the ethical issues raised about ABU, perhaps it's a blessing in disguise that they're hard to obtain in Australia.

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    Totty Bots definitely looks dodgy but even more they are darn expensive. Hardly seems to be a very good deal.

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    Wow Totty bots are expensive but the site looks cool. Be careful with shipping cost does get expensive. When I order diapers from Germany it was expensive for the shipping cost.

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    I've just used tottybots for the first time to order some bambinos and they were great! The shipping was slightly delayed, we're talking a couple of days but they kept me informed. Packaging was ext discreet in that there would be no way one would know what's in the parcel. Yeah pricing is expensive but they r a new business taking a niche product into an even more niche market. They don't have much demand so I could imagine they r not keeping much stock and they appear to be out of bambinos at the moment.

    They even threw in free samples for the slight delay! Their website is definitely a work in progress but hopefully it will improve!

    All in all I would definitely recommend them. If us Aussies want access to premium brands we have to show support.

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    Hey when are the ABU haters gonna--- oh.

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