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    Hi there! I'm TW. Excuse me while I whip out my cheat sheet.

    I'm a writer, though officially I work in education. I recently completed my Master's and will be going for the Ed.D. sometime before the decade is out. I'm a guy who is engaged to my soul mate, also a guy, also ABDL. I suppose my personality will shine through as time goes on, but I'm basically an exceedingly chill (and often sarcastic, though I'll rein that in here) dude who has very strong philosophies and values that tend to evolve with my perspective. Though I'm not religious, I tend to use the Dalai Lama's Ethics for the New Millennium as an operator's manual.

    My interest in diapers began the day I graduated from them. I am variously an AB, a DL, and a caregiver. Infantilism fulfills for me a number of needs that arc through the entire spectrum, from comfort to humiliation to serenity. I'm relatively open about the whole deal -- my mother knows, as do some of my friends -- and I find that takes a load off my mind as well as enables me to be a close friend and confidante to other ABDLs who perhaps aren't as experienced or fortunate as I am.

    That's why I'm here, primarily... to help. I've lived an extremely adventurous life, for lack of a better term, and I've seen an awful lot, so I think I might be useful to some people (I also have experience as a counselor). That said, sometimes I need help, and I'm not shy about asking for it. I'm excited to be a part of this community.

    I'm interested in a number of popularly enjoyed things, including video games (I own about 1,300), movies (I watch hundreds per year), and just sitting down and reading for hours about things that interest me. Topics I can't get enough of include the Cold War, pharmacology, space, the 1950s, theology, and technology throughout history. I know next to nothing about sports, cars, and women.

    Thanks for reading about me. I operate under a policy of transparency (diaperestroika?), so I hope you'll find a good friend in me.

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    hello t-dub! welcome to adisc. you are in the minority, as a mature and educated guy with his stuff together and a solid positive self concept. many (most?) members would look at your current situation as an ideal to work towards. :-) i'm glad you have chosen to offer your guidance here.

    i'm impressed by your time management. i'm a husband and father of two and haven't figured out the best way to manage work, my small family, and finish my bachelor's degree yet.

    and, wow, diaperestroika?! that's amazing! you might be the new most awful punster on adisc :-)

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    Thank you for the kind welcome, whisko! It's a pleasure to be here and accept the opportunity of exhausting the community through wordplay.

    While time management is tricky, your situation sounds far more difficult than mine-- you have to put the needs of so many ahead of your own, and it hardly seems as though there would be enough hours in the day. What area(s) of study interest(s) you? Are your kids already going to school?

    I hope you don't mind, but I went ahead and read your blog post. I must say it was a very good read, particularly since some of my favorite ABDL-related anecdotes are the ones about "coming out" (by choice, necessity, or ill-timed accident). Of course, some ill-timed accidents are better than others.

    I took the opportunity to inform my mom before being found out, but there's always the chance she knew already. Parents have a way of surprising their kids with their powers of deduction.

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    thanks, trip! short on time as usual at the moment (doing the dishes also) but wanted to say hey. i would like to continue toward my bachelor's in information systems, hopefully to head toward more theoretical computer science database and/or network studies. one of our girls is in first grade and the other starts kindergarten later this year. thanks for the blog feedback too! i have at least two insightful (or at least heavily pondered and revised) threads that i'd like to blogify as a way to avoid losing them.

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    Wow! Someone who reads the Dalai Lama, that's so rare it seems. I am also very spiritual, love Buddhism, and have chosen religion - it did not chose me. I also find your spectrum of interests fascinating - Space, the 1950's. just curious what is it about the 50's that interests you. I am a 1930's - 1940's guy myself. I'm in love with the Big Band and Swing era.

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    Thanks for your reply, Deke! How, may I ask, did you come to embrace your spirituality?

    Your taste in music is interesting and unique. I don't know whether you play many video games, but recently, I played the Bioshock titles, which take place in the mid-20th century and have soundtracks composed almost entirely of big band tunes. Henry Hall, the Ink Spots, et cetera... it was almost as much fun to listen to as to play.

    I am fascinated about the 1950s for a variety of reasons, but I particularly enjoy the popular culture of the era, the political tension and intrigue (particularly any and everything having to do with the Cold War and the space race), and the strides technology made. I also find the materialism, conservatism, and paranoia of the era rather quaint (though, while it was transpiring, it was serious business). The 1960s are also amazing for the cultural shift, particularly in the younger generation, and the strides made in technology and war.

    I couldn't help but notice from your profile that you live in Cincinnati. I spent my childhood there! In Delhi Township, specifically, on a hill that overlooked the Ohio River. I loved Cincinnati... everything from Riverfront Stadium and Sawyer's Point to King's Island, Skyline Chili, and the Florence Y'all tower. Since I am so deeply connected to my infancy, toddlerhood, and childhood, I am inextricably linked to Cincinnati and envy you for living there. Do you like it?

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    Adorable avatar, by the way! I don't play video games, but I bet I would love that one anyway just for the music alone. Yes, I am a Cincinnatian! I like all those things you named - although Riverfront Stadium is now gone and they rebuilt All American Ballpark which is truly a beautiful ballpark and much much better than Riverfront. I have a Kings Island season pass, so yes I go often. My favorite place in Kentucky is Newport on the Levee because of its awesome view of downtown Cincinnati.

    Regarding my Spirituality and religion - that is a very long conversation and would probably fit in the Off Topic section. The short of it, I would be a Buddhist if I had grown up in a Buddhist culture. Having been born and raised in the Christian culture, I am a "kind of" Christian, modeled after Marcus Borg's book The Heart of Christianity, and Bishop Spong's Jesus for the Nonreligious.

    Hope to hear more from you.

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