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    I have always been a bedwetter and I have always loved diapers. so I don't ever think I want to find away to train my self to stop wetting the bed like people say I should, and any time I ever have a diaper on, my body just goes on its own day or night. But if I don't have a diaper on I can usually hold it if its during the day. so I believe this is caused by being in diapers all the time, do u think this will ever turn into me becoming totally comfortable to diapers and I am going to end up peeing my self diapered or not? The reason I ask is I play baseball and I am a catcher so between concentrating on the game and constant up and down I pee myself all the time but usually it's not a lot but I don't want to wear a diaper or pad in the game. and It doesn't bother me playing in pee pants as long as its not a lot. So my question is can u like un-potty train yourself? And I am not asking how I already wet the bed and some what day wet
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    Wait, what? Dude. Edit with some punctuation.
    Is that better sorry sometimes my mind is faster than my fingers

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    So my question is can u like un-potty train yourself?
    would be very difficult... & you would have to focus on it for about a year & be very devoted to it... there was some manual for it on, like, deeker or somethin a while back... think it's still floatin around out there somewhere

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    Is that better sorry sometimes my mind is faster than my fingers
    Thanks, now it's much more readable.
    You seem new, so let me introduce you to one of the policies here on ADISC.
    It's generally discouraged to ask how to become incontinent (or as you put it, un-potty train yourself).
    Ask any of the incontinent members how they feel about being incon, and they'll tell you that it's no fun.
    HOWEVER, if you're committed,there are guides and other websites for that.
    I, on behalf of ADISC, ask you to reconsider doing this.

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    No I never asked how to do it I could never be diapered everyday of my life but I am diapered because i am a bedwetter And i do have a lot of accidents during the day but I am not always diapered during the day. I was just wondering if being diapered to prevent my accidents from showing on my jeans could cause me to have more accidents that's all

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    Okay. That clears things up a bit.
    Diapers don't make people incon. They just make it much easier to go into a diaper after wearing for a while.
    So no, you probably won't have more accidents just by wearing diapers.

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    I've experienced that if I'm wearing a diaper during the day, and relaxing so that I can go often, then yes, I find that going is easier the next day. My opinion is that if you are wearing diapers often, day after day, and "going" every time you have the urge, it might make "going" happen a little more on its own, especially if you are incontinent at night when you sleep. I do think it's possible.

    Trying to avoid this possibility would seem to me, to not be wearing during the day, but making a conscious effort to hold it until you really have to use the bathroom. I understand and appreciate your concern as I've played men's league softball. It would be a pain, to have to wear a diaper, though a pad would be a more workable solution if you do need protection.

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