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Thread: coming out to my Mother

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    Default coming out to my Mother

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    Good luck! It sounds like your mother is a very loving and kind person, and you feeling that she's going to take it well is a great thing!

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    I hope everything turns out okay. However I have a few curiosity questions myself about your post. Please don't take it wrong okay?

    You said your mother is coming over. Does that mean you are living on your own?
    You told her you needed to talk. Are you planning on telling her you are AB/DL?
    I guess my third question ties the first two together and sums it up with one last question. If you are out on your own, and you are going to tell your mother, what is it you plan on getting out of the situation? I understand that some family bonds are close, but at this point in your life, why is there a need to have a parental figure brought in on your, secret shall we say?

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    Be safe.
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    So glad it worked out well. That's really awesome!

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    this, after I just spent a chunk of the week prancing around in front of my mother for the past 3 days in a diaper and footie pjs.. her only comment was, 'make sure your diapers end up in the trash pit'... lol, I think she kinda knows, but

    I didn't come out to her yet.. I hope it goes well, my mom, while apparantly accepting somewhat, is not quite the affectionate sort.. good luck to ya!, woulda brought the cloth diapers, but she doesnt have running water yet, (homesteading, will happen in the spring) I set her up with electricity tho, have to be a bit conservative with it.

    I hope for the best between you and your grandma/ma, I don't think i'll have an experience to match, or even come close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DucatiKid View Post
    Omg, she even just dropped of a package of Depends, some wipeys, a gallon of milk, and a new playtex baba! Im so happy right now im tearing up. God i wish i could share this feeling with you all. One love Brothers and Sisters
    there es a place for fantasy stories like this & it's called the story forum... es just a few forums below, not a far trip at all & helps keep the forums organized... thank you, thank you kindly

    Quote Originally Posted by ducatikid
    If somebody's on the fence about talking to your family just go for it.
    & please don't make these generalized statements... they are dangerous... just because your supposed situation purportedly worked out well doesn't mean everyone else is going to have the same happy ending...

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    Countdown, not a story at all, it just happened today. And just because something didnt work out for you doesnt mean it wont for someone else. You dont know anything about me. You got a lot of nerve to basically call me a liar. All im trying to do is share my experience and maybe help somebody else in the process. Isn't that what this forum is for? I guess if you dont have nothing nice to say or to contribute then be quiet.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The generalizing going on here is you thinking you know it all. Thanks for the warm welcome.

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    ??? Why did you edit your posts to say "Bye, and ..." , this makes no sense to me at all, why not leave what you wrote down in the first place?

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