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Thread: not sure I should be here

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    Default not sure I should be here

    First of all, I'm not an adbl. I am 65 yrs old with bladder retention and bladder diverticula. I have occasional urge incontinence, but the doctors are not sure why. I did have green light prostate surgery about 6 years ago. I do wear diapers when I don't think a restroom is near, and at night...sometimes I am fine, sometimes not. I am somewhat ashamed of this, but also afraid of having an accident. I will be traveling with my wife and another couple this fall to Italy. I'm a bit nervous about this (packing diapers, concealing the fact, etc. Anyone that has some ideas of how to manage this situation would be greatly appreciated.

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    Of course you belong here! We are all friends and i have found no better place for experienced advice on the web. That being said, remember some are more experience than others and you should always do what you're comfortable with in the end.

    My first bit of advice would be simply accept that sometimes you gotta wear you safety net. It's not shameful and I promise no one is looking for your diapers. There are tons of options for more discreet options and I'm sure people can suggest them to you.

    Hope that helps. Welcome and don't be shy!

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    Well, this could be a good place to find the advice you are seeking, both for the practical and the emotional issues.
    I'm Italian, temporarily resident in China for work. Please feel free to PM me in case you wish for some advice for your trip, regarding incontinence-related issues or - maybe - regarding something nicer from your point of view.

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    My biggest worry is packing enough diapers for a 3 week trip. I think I can use depend pull ups during most day adventures; depending on where we plan to be. If I knew of somewhere along our trip I could purchase diapers, it would save a lot of room in my suitcase. We will be renting a car, so that would make storing them a bit easier. Any suggestions?

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    Default not sure I should be here

    Hi if it is not your fault i Would be open with it. As for packing diapers well if you need them u have to take them. On the other hand why not buy some in italy. I live in france and i am sure like here the larger supermarkets and pharmacies sell tena pull ups and diapers, or also i wear dry night pull up pants for older kids they fit me fine and are sold in larger supermarkets also. these are for kids so have design but look cute i guess but not sure how you would feel with babyish designs not being A DL or AB.

    Thanks Andy ~ crinklybum

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    Hi there, welcome to ADISC.

    First off, I see no need for you to feel uncomfortable here. Heck, if you look at the last three letters in our name, they stand for "Incontinence Support Community"! Off that logic, not only are you welcomed, you're in our key demographic. The only difference between us and many in the incontinence community is that we tend to really enjoy diapers and/or a regressed lifestyle. (Well, that and many of us have no real medical condition requiring us to wear or else risk accidents).

    However, that being said, many of us *do* have medical conditions that have rendered them incontinent. Regardless of whether or not we have medical conditions though, I doubt anyone on this site is fond or free of the stigma that is associated adult diaper wearing/usage. Very few of us really hope to be caught wearing a diaper; many of us are very self-conscious about the whole thing, myself included.

    As for your dilemma though, I think that a 3 week journey is worth one of two routes: either bring a case of diapers with you (hiding as best as possible), or take only a pack or so and find a place to buy some while there. Of course, the second route assumes you'll be able to find someplace with a product that is for sale and functional enough for your needs. It's at least a bit risky in that regard, although it would keep you from having to store any large boxes or anything in your vehicle/lodgings.

    I've traveled with diapers before, including even this last weekend, but I generally am only gone for weekends when I travel, so grabbing a few diapers and what I'll need to change/dispose of them isn't very difficult to conceal. If I was gone for a month, I'd probably have to take two packs with me, which would only be easy if I was with my family, where the risks of being caught happen to be greatly reduced since they are already aware of me wearing diapers to bed.

    I hope you're able to figure something out or that someone gives you a great suggestion on here. Overall, I hope you enjoy your stay on this site. You are certainly welcome.

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