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    Hi everyone, I wear size large adult diapers, I've been thinking about ordering some plastic pants, but I'm not too sure about sizing. Should I get size large or extra large? what do you guys suggest?

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    To me the most important measurements are. Your waist and thigh measurements. You don't want either measurement too tight or loose. I like the measurement
    charts on Fetware Products Superior Incontinence Protection | Buy from Fetware Products, Llc..

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    some times it is just a trial and errer thing cuz different brands fit differendt even if you order a med in both brands

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    I wear a large Abriform and according to baby-pants I need an XL diaper cover.

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    a lot of ebay sites have a size chart, just follow the measurements on there, make sure the waist, hip and leg sizes are wiithin the range shown in the chart, I would get a little smaller than a little bigger as long as it was within the measurements shown

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    Plastic pants vary widely in the way they're cut and sized. I've found that it's purely trial and error to find the brand and size that works best for you. I've been trying them since I was a small boy and Gerber's Toddler large still fit me. However, there's no magic answer for all, but only for you.

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    I'm borderline between medium and large...I've found that getting the larger size is best for me, but like others have said, it can be a trial and error thing. I bought a pair of Medium PUL pants, and they were a bit too small to go over both my cloth and disposables. Just keep trying them'll find something that works.

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    I would not buy from any site or store that did not provide very specific sizing guide lines., Adult Cloth Diaper, Changing Times diaper Company, Baby Pants, Fetware, babykins, & LL medical are a few companies that provide good guidlines.

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    The Plastic Pants Sizing Charts at Sleeping Owl Online are very good as well. I would recommend buying from them to any Aussies on here. If you are from another country, you can still use the charts they provide:

    Sleeping Owl

    The links to the charts are on the Left Hand side.

    Ultimately, plastic pants charts are only a guide. Buy one or two pairs until you have worked out the size you need, then buy more of them.

    I hope this helps.

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    buy both and see which one fits the best for you. you cant just go buy the size charts as they dont account for the differences in peoples shape

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