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Thread: Random drinking related question

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    Default Random drinking related question

    When do you know ( not me just someone I know... ) when someone has a problem with booze?

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    Default Random drinking related question

    In the abstract? Once drinking starts negatively affecting their life. Detecting that isn't necessarily easy, though.

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    There's no real definition. What is a problem to one person isn't a problem to another... But, broadly speaking, if alcohol causes the drinker to regularly regret drinking (e.g. because their health suffers, or it causes relationship/work issues, or they feel like they need alcohol to function) or causes those around the drinker to really wish he hadn't (over-) indulged then that's when the problem occurs...

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    Typically, dependence is an important sign. As in, do they drink to feel better? Do they drink when sad or upset, or during times when they should be happy. The signs of alchohol abuse are many, but speaking with the person can also be a direct way to find out. They could just want attention, or need a friend. Lastly, every doctors office should have free flyers explaining more signs and what to do, plus local resources if help is needed. Good luck.

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    When it begins to affect your day to day functioning. Can't face the day without a drink? You may have a problem. Always hungover? You may have a problem.

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    Well from personal experience, I stopped exercising in 2012 and started drinking heavily almost everyday (dealing with depression, personal struggles, etc). Every time I would go to parties (this was my senior year of college), I'd start drinking and would always have conversations with people about how much I hated myself and then I'd drink myself to blackout. I knew I had a problem once I got in the habit of going through a handle of vodka every 5 days and also noticing the quick weight gain. I became secluded and went 6 months without even talking to any of my good friends. I've gained about 50 pounds and finally a few wks ago I decided to try to stop this and start exercising and try to be happy... the 1st week was a struggle to not to drink, had trouble sleeping, felt like I was hungover although I didn't drink anything, after that I felt normal. Now I just need to shed the weight.

    The hardest part is feeling alone through it all b/c you just continue along the same path of self-destruction and don't see the point in changing b/c who do you need to change your lifestyle for? It needs to be for yourself, but if you don't care, it's rather difficult

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    Recovering alcoholic here... six months on the 28th. It took many, many years of false starts before I kicked it, and of course, every day is its own struggle. (I don't go to AA, for a myriad of reasons that are unimportant here.)

    For me, even being in intensive care at the hospital for five days wasn't enough. Not until I got into the best romantic relationship of my life did I quit for good. Towards the end, I drank from awakening to bedtime, because I had to to stay alive.

    I think, when you're risking death if you quit, that's as good a sign to stop as any.

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    One definition is when one starts drinking they do not stop until drunk or can get no more.

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    I dunno, I don't mind a nice buzz ever so often, I definitely dont drink daily, usually a couple nights a week, I'll have a beer or 2.

    as far as my general public life, I don't let it get out of hand, never drink while on call, never drink and drive.

    BTW my definition of a beer is a half gallon growler from the local brewery

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