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    I have on a depends max pertection that surprising I didn't soak last night so I wasn't going to take it off and put a cloth backed diaper on so I slipped a goodnite on above the depends and put boxer briefs on above all that I did the goodnte to help muzzle the crinkle of the depend and I have jeans on so it's pretty tight lol is there a better way to get rid of the crinkle?

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    With boxer briefs and tight jeans that should quiet down the crinkles enough but you never fully get right of the sound.

    If you don't want crinkles try some cloth diapers

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    or just don't worry about it as no one else will notice except you... :P and when you do notice, you'll enjoy being reminded of your padded status!

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    Keep something in your pocket that jingles like keys or spare change to cover the crinkle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lacutah View Post
    or just don't worry about it as no one else will notice except you... :P and when you do notice, you'll enjoy being reminded of your padded status!
    Prettymuch this, I've been diapered all my life and have worn some really loud diapers, and I've never had anyone say anything about the sound, and only on rare occasions(such as sitting on a metal counter at work) have I even gotten a second glance.

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    I never wear anything over my Depends when I have on jeans and have never heard the crinkle at all. The sound of the jeans as I walk muffles to sound out. I have walked around co-workers, my mom and around the house without anyone or myself hearing it. Just put your jeans on and don't worry about the other stuff. If you want to put on boxer briefs over them, that's fine too, but I wouldn't add the Goodnite in the mix because your really just asking for someone to notice that you have something other than regular underwear on. So just don't worry about the diaper crinkle, no one is going to hear it.

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    I used to worry about the crinkling sound but I find when I leave the house, you can't even hear it. I can hear my diapers more in the house when I wear knit pants. Unless there is noise like the TV being on, dishwasher going, etc. then it muffles out the sound.

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