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Thread: What To Do About The Dirty/Wet Diaper Smell Ideas Or Thoughts

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    Lightbulb What To Do About The Dirty/Wet Diaper Smell Ideas Or Thoughts

    So as the thread states what does everyone do to contain the diaper smell where they live in there room,house, apartment ....etc

    Any ideas thoughts or products and or personal advice/experience in successfully dealing with this problem

    Any Thoughts Or suggestions are welcome

    Thanks For Your Suggestions & Ideas ADISC

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    I wear cloth and I suspect that's worse than disposables because it's just cloth, with no additives to deal with odor. The only thing I can suggest is wearing tight plastic pants, but for me, that seems to work marginally at best. I do wash my diapers twice, once on the long cotton setting, with prescribed detergent, and then again on a shorter, permanent press setting, to thoroughly rinse everything out.

    Basically, what can be controlled is the content of one's urine, relieving one's bladder and then drinking a lot of water, or something liquid with little content, such as cranberry juice. Urine, after all, contains the waste products of the body, so if it has fewer waste products, there would be less smell. I discovered by trial and error, that coffee, though a good diuretic, tends to add its own smell to urine. Eating asparagus would be the worst no no. Water and cranberry juice is a good mix, though I often drink half and half, cranberry juice and ginger ale.

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    Diaper pail helps a lot disposables i like the diaper champ if its cloth then some other then plugins Freshers help lots

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    For my cloth diapers I rinse them out good in the sink right after I take them off. I then put put them in my bucket with the detergent I use and let them soak for
    a while. I then wash them out a nd rinse real good for a while. Then I let them air dry. So far I haven't noticed any pee odor. My disposables go to the dumpster
    every morning so I don't get any odor from the trash can.

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    With disposables, I put them in a gallon zip lock bag before throwing them in the dumpster.It cuts down the smell in the house before throwing them out. I also found that powder will help a little bit.

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    Default What To Do About The Dirty/Wet Diaper Smell Ideas Or Thoughts

    I try to be as clean as I can. I'm anal about my process. wrap diaper in newspaper, put in tiny garbage bag, tie it up after sprinkling a little powder in the bag. I started this process when I was using diapers that had horrible odor control, and haven't let up since.

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    Disposables; I've found the diaper genie works wonders, or more properly the tubular bags they use, I generally carry one in my truck, and one in the house, it even does a good job dealing with the messy ones. plus, I take out the trash almost every day, I just wish they made em with a slightly bigger bore

    cloth; my diaper pail starts out half filled with water and laundry detergent, I don't let it go more than a day, (I let the messy ones soak for a couple hours at leat) of all the times i've made a mess in em (removing the bulk of course) I havent had any issues, my washer has an option to do a prewash and up to an additional 6 rinse cycles, it doesnt even leave a stain, just wish it was a little bit bigger.

    the fart fan in my bathroom does a very nice job of handling about anything else!

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    I just put my diaper on and use it I notice other people can't smell your pee if you use disposables but after a while they do smell a little bit and I throw them away as long as they are in a more open area you don't smell them I have tried like a plastic tub but it keeps the smell in a small area which makes it smell

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    I wrap my diapers in plastic grocery bags, tie off the bags, then put them in a lidded garbage bin with a liner. Works well enough, but I've been thinking about getting a Diaper Genie.

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    I use this Dekor XL for my disposable diapers and it works great too. I also use this too 16oz. Nok-Out Odor Eliminator for my really stinky diapers. This is strong stuff and it well take the smell out too.

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