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Thread: hello every one its nice to meet you : )

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    Talking hello every one its nice to meet you : )

    elloo every one my name is onesie wonder im 19 from the south of england. i singed up to this site to try speak to other people about being a adult baby. im confused and a bit lost well really lost im sure most of you on here was a bit lost at one point or another but i can see by reading the post that you all are really nice people. i just hope some one can give me some advice or guidance looking to have lots of fun on here to

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    Everyone is different,
    unfortunately true,
    Everyone is different,
    so no one is quite like you,

    Everyone will try to help,
    Given the chance of course,
    But everyone is different,

    Do not expect miracles,
    Because we can only help,
    We can't solve your problems,
    But we'll do what we can.

    Sorry if that sounded pessomistic,
    I do not meant to be,
    I'm sure that you will find what you need,
    Everyone is different,
    even the ones who aren't.

    And that wasn't nearly as good a poem as I was going for, sorry. But yeah, nobody is in exactly the same situation as you, but people who are or have been in similar situations will try to help, as well as some who haven't been in situations like that.

    I am quite certain that you will find people here to be helpful, or at least understanding.

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    Welcome onesie! Its great that you found us (the site). Let me know if I can help get you started out here. I signed up here a year or so ago and it has been a great place to connect and find out that I'm not the only semi-sane person on the planet who enjoys the diapers. I'm not an AB myself, but I definitely remember trying to figure out my fetishes or desires in regards to diapers. There are real people here. Most everyone here would be glad to help you talk things out or give you pointers in one direction or another. When in doubt, seek out a mediator on the site, their names are in Purple. They are some of the nicest peoples around. Welcome again! As the screen name implies, my name is Mike. Hit me up if you need help.

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    Hi Onesie!

    Any ?s just ask. There is usually someone around who will try to help

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