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Thread: 24/7 (Not Dependent)

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    Question 24/7 (Not Dependent)

    First off let me say that while I am attempting 24/7 I am NOT attempting to become dependent. So this may be in the wrong place. Apologies if it is. :/

    I want to start wearing 24/7 and not using the toilet as much as possible, but the hiccup that I keep running into is getting the ball rolling. During the previous summer (April - August) I wore all but a couple of weeks, and even diminished my bladder size during that time. (Which is still an annoyance six month later.)

    What I'm hoping to get from the community is advice and input on the whole thing. I am aware of some of the consequences and neccesittes of diapering. I know I have to carry a diaper change "just in case", people WILL find out, and I have to keep my diaper area shaved.

    While I learned/knew all of this I still had some problems and I want to resolve them before I start. Like how to shave without getting those itchy bumps, or how to deal with the trade off between bulk and less frequent changes. (Right now I have M4s but I can't button my pants over them. :I)

    I appreciate any input at all. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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    Well, if you're really 24/7ing, it's good to keep shaved. Reduces mess significantly.
    And since you're NOT trying to become incon, you're in the right place.

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    Thanks and yeah, I keep shaved as a principal even without diapers. I don't particularly like body hair.
    I was really hoping to get some tips and tricks I suppose. I know a lot of the basics but ran into some issues. For example, I had more than my fair share of leaks, so I bought plastic pants. I had trouble finding a balance though. The ones that stopped leaks were to painfully tight, and the ones that weren't hurting me didn't help much.

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    Unless you are using cloth diapers,plastic pants are best seen as "the last line of defence" and not as a substitute for a effective disposable diaper. The right diaper should protect you well enough to make plastic pants an "insurance policy" not a necessirty. A little while ago i would have said that taped diapers were the only really secure ones, but recently pull up pants have got a lot more useful and can hold a lot of pee reliably. With plastic pants you get what you pay for and getting the right article to suit you is even more difficult (and expensive) than finding the best kind of diaper. At least you can give up and go back to normal underwear if the 24/7 experiment gets too onerous. You may also find that you need different kinds of protection for day and night and that your protection needs will be different if you let everything out at once rather than leak slowly.

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    Default Re: 24/7 (Not Dependent)

    If I were you, I would get a couple pair of pants to fit over the thicker diapers. You will encounter times when you can't make it to the bathroom for a change.
    I'd also recommend getting some onesies as well. They will help the diapers perform better and reduce sagging that gets uncomfortable at times. This will also keep your diaper from being exposed.

    Just like others have said, plastic pants are a good idea. They will buy you a bit of extra time when changing is delayed for some reason.

    I've experienced bladder shrinkage as well. Not only frequency but the urges to go will be more urgent too.

    If you do go for thinner diapers, prepare to spend more money. I've experimented with different brands. If you go for something like Depend, you'll probably go through 5-7 diapers a day depending on your liquid intake. You'll be going through approximately 2-3 packs per week. Depend is about $13-$16 per pack. Thats about $40 per week. 40-50 changes per week.

    If you'd stay with Abena, you'd go through 3 diapers a day. 1 and a half packs per week. At $20 per pack (cheaper on auto order, not included in this price). You'll be spending $30 per week. 21 changes per week.

    Bambinos are cheaper than Abena per piece when bought by the case. You'll get to save a little more money.

    I'd also like to know how to prevent shaving bumps down there as well.

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    Thanks so far guys! I really appreciate the input.

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    I'm not incon, but I wear "24/7" for spurts of a week or so at a time.

    Something to keep in mind is that you don't need to just have one style of diaper - keep several on hand for different situations. I generally wear a relatively-thin, "normal" diaper (Dignity Plus, Tranquility ATN) in the daytime when I'm out and about in class or shopping or whatever, where discretion and mobility are important. They might only be good for two wettings, but that'll still generally get me through 4-6 hours. Back at home, I'll change into an Abena M4 or Moli Super Plus for the evening and overnight when it doesn't matter how puffy my butt is ^_^. If there's something going on where I really need to be discreet, I'll use a pull-up diaper. So on the average day I might go through four diapers - two "thin" and two "thick."

    Also, carrying a diaper change discreetly is relatively easy. I take my laptop just about everywhere with me in a backpack, and I'll slip my spare padding and a travel-size pack of wipes into one of the pouches. Unless you physically rummaged through my laptop backpack, you'd never know.

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    I went 24/7 for two weeks straight and it was a mess. I was afraid of going out in diapers so I stay in. I had a lot stinky diapers at the end. I kept shaved and use baby powder and took baths too. I had my food stock up and my clothes stock up too. But it was quite an experience for me! Luckly I only had a small diaper rash. I use A+d cream and it fixed it. I only use disposable diapers. I still have wear diapers when I go to bed. If not I will wet the bed again.

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    If you want the full experience of being truely incontinent, you need to ditch the underwear safety net. With only diapers the experience brings on a whole new meaning. Also eliminating the potty and going only in diapers is a huge life changing experience. You will need looser clothing and a back pack or diaper bag. You will also have to plan ahead for diaper changes and you may have to change standing up. 24/7 shouldn't eliminate or change what you normally do in life. If you went to the gym pre-diapers, you should still go post-diapers as this can be passed as medical if challenged with no shame. God forbid, the emergency room, if hauled in and your in diapers, oh well!

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    I've been 24/7 by choice for well over a year now. If you're the right sort of person it can be a very rewarding experience, but it can also be very challenging too. I think the key is to decide early on what you want to get out of it and how far you're willing to go.

    There's really good advice on this thread and dotted around the forum. You might also want to consider joining the ADISC 24/7 Group.

    Good Luck

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