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    Default linux for smart phones

    anyone else heard of this recently? apparently Ubuntu Linux is releasing a os to be used on both major smartphones and major tablets, heres the vid i found. what do you all think about this are any of you excited bout this

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    Well, Linux has already been on a lot of smart phones because of Android. The different Android versions are just different flavours of Linux, like Ubuntu or Mint or Fedora. I'd be interested in seeing how well it runs; while Ubuntu is popular on computers because it's really user-friendly, it's more of a 'one-size-fits-all' sort of thing, in that it isn't as lightweight as other distros.

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    They have been working on that for a while now, a bunch of us over on XDA played with it a little. It's kind of useless if you don't have it as your OS on your computer. I can see the final product being just as useless and over sized as the PC version. The only situation where it would be remotely useful is if you had a homemade tablet and even then android is a better option.

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    yes i heard of this about 4 months ago while downloading the latest os for ubuntu. They said you can plug it into a computer and continue your work on the phone

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    I don't want it to seem like I'm condemning Ubuntu for keeping up with the other OS manufacturers. It will work just fine for the mass majority, but from a dev's perspective it's pointless. There is already a massive network of people and software to accomplish pretty much anything we can think of on Android. So why switch and have to start over for what is essentially a repackaged version of the same thing. Honestly, I'm not a fan of android either. I haven't been happy with a mobile platform since Microsoft got rid of Windows CE 5.3.x. but that was a little too utilitarian for most people.
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    Much as I am a big fan of Unix/Linux, and in the past I've ported it to things just because I could, I think at this point you really give up a lot of the utility of the phone putting Linux on it. Gosh darn it, Windows CE was bad enough. iOS and Android still remain better choices unless someone either figures out a way to VM android apps or the Linux mobile market gets enough traction to make it worthwhile.

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