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Thread: First order!!!

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    Default First order!!!

    I ordered for the first time online!!! I took the bambino teddy and... I had to share this.

    Next, i think I will try the abu cushies.

    But I have a question for you. I read the reviews on the bambino and I was pretty confuse by the sizing of this brand. I have a waist of 38, so I ordered large... was I wrong? It's not to late for me to change the sizing, because I ordered from a Qc website,, and the seller will contact me for sizing. He do that for every customers.

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    Wisefox First off I always call B4NS as we are only two hours apart. So I was placeing an order and part of the order was for plastic pants to use with mynight time dripers. In the past I have use large plastic pants so the order was placed as so. About 10 mintes later the BOSS called back to ask about the sizing of the plastic panis telling me that they would be way to big for. So after a little talk I ordered one size down and have been very happy with the order.I have alway got good service from B4NS. Now all he needs to do is get some of his stock back up and I would be a real happy camper.

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    Large is probably a good size for you. Bambinos run a little smaller than say, abena. I wear L3, L4, and Teddy L, and I'm about a 37-38" waist, but I have a bit of an "overhang" problem too. Abena M's barely fit, but I bike enough that leg width is my bigger issue than waist.

    Considering only the top tapes, my L3/L4 tapes come almost to the stripes on both sides. But on my Teddy, the tapes usually go just in past the folds. So the abena tapes end up maybe 2-3" apart, but the teddy are more like 5-6" apart. M4 and Teddy M lower tapes barely make it to the front wing. :P

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    Nice. That is always fun to order the diaper for the first time.

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    Yes I had a great service!

    Thank you bambinod I feel reassure now.

    and yes Pikachu, I'm pretty excited about this.

    I want to share something else. Since my girl isn't there, I'm now wearing a Atena super and I decided for the first time to wet it and keep it for a couple of hours. The first wetting, pretty small, was not bad, but I had a hard time loosing for the second, more regular. Has it happen to you before when you were newbies?

    (sorry, it might not been perfectly clear.)

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