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Thread: Hi, ADISC.

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    Default Hi, ADISC.

    It seems I created a thread before posting an introduction--sorry about that! Better late than never, though....

    As I'm incredibly shy, especially about my DL side, I'm going to be very cautious with how much personal info I post. I feel comfortable in this community, but I'm paranoid about people I know in "real life" stumbling across anything that could reveal me.

    About me as a DL: I can remember having an interest in diapers as far back as elementary school, and for the longest time, I just couldn't figure out why. Now that I'm older and a complete psychology nerd, my guess is that it goes back to being raised in a neglectful and extremely strict home. I feel like my parents forced me to grow up too quickly. They always treated me like a miniature adult. I don't mean to sound all depressing... but that's just my best guess as to why I developed this interest. I wouldn't really classify myself as AB, but I do try to nurture myself and do childish things sometimes (sleeping with stuffed animals, watching little kids shows/movies). That is something I can accept about myself. Accepting that I'm a DL has proven to be a bit more difficult. Just last week I bought and wore my first adult diapers (Abena Abri-Flex, in case you're wondering). I love them, but I wish I didn't. I'm sure that in time I'll be able to embrace this as just another personality quirk or trait and not feel so ashamed.

    About my other interests: I'm the introverted, creative type. I've always been incredibly shy and reserved, but when I make friends, I really come out of my shell. I've experienced quite a bit of trauma and hurt in the past, but I use these experiences to help others. I enjoy writing stories and blogging. Without giving too much away, I am a mentally ill person who works in the mental health field. I am in recovery from my mental illnesses (I find that it wouldn't be fair to the people I work with if I were unstable), but still take medicine and see a shrink to keep my symptoms at bay. I am one of the most accepting and non-judgmental people you will ever meet. The only person I really criticize is me.

    So, there you have it.

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    You look like an engineer that tries to fix the escalator that rides from Hell to Heaven (for both yourself and others).

    A little secret for you: like Santa Claus, both Heaven and Hell do not exist... Good luck with the escalator, anyway

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