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Thread: What kind of baby powder do you prefer?

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    Default What kind of baby powder do you prefer?

    What kind of baby powder do you prefer? This is a two-fold question. First, do you like a certain scent or unscented. Second, do you have a favorite brand and why?

    My prefer brand is Johnson & Johnson. It feels smooth to the skin. I've tried generic, and it feels rather coarse. For scents, I like the Aloe Vera, but I have gotten Lavender at times.

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    I us J&J regular talc and cornstarch with lavender. I like the cooling effect ot the cornstarch when I sprinkle it on.

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    pup's not had much luck with cornstarch... talc for me! Also, pup believes that cornstarch can act as food for fungus leading to nasty rash - could be wrong there... Funny story, a friend gave pup a bottle of anti-monkey-butt, and pup used it in a diaper, when pup got changed pup got all freaked out 'cause it looked like pup had blood in it's urine that the diaper soaked up! Fortunately, and after pup's heart skipping a few beats, pup realized it was the coloring added to the anti-monkey-butt powder...

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    I prefer Johnson & Johnson cornstarch. I haven't noticed any real difference between the talc and cornstarch. The only reason I use cornstarch and not talc is because I've heard that it can cause cancer. So I err on the side of caution and use cornstarch. As for scent, I like original and lavender, with a slight preference for lanvender.

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    I'm curious about the cornstarch as well; I need something unscented. How is it vs. baby powder?

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    Almost any brand of Cornstarch powder. Much better for me than any talc...

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    I use the regular J & J Baby Powder. I guess I need to look on the label and see if it is made of corn starch. I use the kind that smells like the old baby powder, a smell I really like.

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    I currently use J&J cornstarch kind. The Aloe kind.
    For me it feels better than talc kind.

    I do miss there cucumber and melon, I enjoyed that scent a lot.

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    I currently use scented talc, in the big containers from walmart. I need to try the corn starch though. I think when my skin gets irritated, the talc makes it worse rather than better.

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