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Thread: Helping some one get started wearing diapers

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    Default Helping some one get started wearing diapers

    I have a friend that I have met online and he wants to wear diaper but has just never fond a way to do it, He still lives at home but is in tech school and is 21, should I continue to try and talk him into wearing the diapers or what, I think that he wants to really really badly and I wish that I could help what do you guys think

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    I would advise caution in this situation. He still lives at home. If you encourage him, and he goes and buys the diapers and gets caught, there stands a good chance, to save his own skin, he might turn on you and say you encouraged it. You can talk to him about diapers and how you like them. But just be careful when it comes encouraging others to get into diapers.

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