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Thread: A Disaster Averted?

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    Default A Disaster Averted?

    So I heard that Abena was going to discontinue its plastic backed line of X-plus(S/M/L4) by the end of last year. Well, it's now 2013 so I checked XP Medical a day or so ago and lo and behold the plastic backed X Plus line is still there, still in stock. Does this mean a cloth backed disaster was averted? Or is it simply a temporary reprieve and Abena still plans to discontinue the plastic backed X Plus line at some point but has delayed the move for now?

    What do you think this all means?

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    According to a page on XP Medical's site, the X-Plus (M4/L4/XL4) AbriFroms will continue to be plastic backed. The 2s and 3s will be cloth-backed when the supply of plastic backed ones runs out. I've heard a lot of reasons why the industry is going cloth/textile backed, but I'm really gonna miss the variety of plastic backed options.

    The link: XP Medical - News on the Abri-Form with Plastic Backing

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    I have been wondering the same thing as well. The best the to do would be to call Gary at XP because he will know more than anyone else about what to expect. You can also rely on his website but I am not sure how often it is really updated.

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    guess we will have to stock up before then huh. I don't know how many L3 cases I care to have sitting around though...

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    I don't know how the situation in the UK corresponds to that in the US, but I Abena were intending to phase out the plastic-backed product line at the end of 2011. The supplier I used said they would stockpile the plastic-backed versions so they'd have them for several months longer than that. By mid-2012 almost all UK shops had moved to the saggy-fake-cloth version, although a few still offered the M4 & L4 with the plastic-back. Again, Abena intended to drop this product by the end of 2012 (although I assume the extra year was a test to see how many they sold alongside the saggy-fake-cloth type). I've heard rumours that Abena intends to continue producing the plastic-backed M4 & L4 indefinitely now.

    The plastic M4s are completely awesome (specially with an Abri-Let 4021 booster). I hope they never change them. (Err... the design I mean!) I wish they'd kept the plastic-backed M3s too, but I can live with just the M4s.

    I still can't understand why Abena has two ranges of nearly-identical saggy-fake-cloth ranges, though. They should have just left the Abri-Form range as they were and left the fake-saggy-furry-fuzzy version for their Premium Air Plus range...

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    I just ordered some Abena M4 diapers from XP Medical at the start of the year and didn't see the plastic backed diapers (though they are there now). I got the fake-cloth Abenas and decided I could try them.

    They suck.

    The absorbency isn't bad, but the fit is horrid. While it is tight for a short while after you put it on, it soon gets loose and turns from a "brief" style into a "bikini" style. It can get loose enough after wearing for eight hours that it can fall down quite a bit. The plastic backed M4's could be worn for more than 8 hours without loosening like this.

    I'll make sure to buy the plastic backed ones from now on.

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    That is lucky for all you guys where abena has decided to keep the plastic-backed range (even if only in the M4s) here in Australia, the plastic backed ones have been completely phased out and we are now only able to get those horrible air plus range which is really not that great. Plus, if that wasn't enough, they also decided to increase the price of them too so now we have crappy diapers that cost us more to get. Doesnt seem to be any possibility that this will be changing any time in the future either.

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    like i've said on previous threads, the day they send me cloth backed, is the day they lose my business permanently, I've not been happy with Abena lately (after they killed off the support onsies, and only found out when I tried to order more to replace the old worn out ones) I have found other manufacturers who are putting out an identical product, but have now had to import them. Yup, when the M4 goes faux-cloth, i'm done with em

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    It has been a down hill run for them since they gave up the X-Plus line in favor of the -4 series. Like most modern companies in search of greater profits they have given up a great product in a quest for lower cost and "new & improved" sales gimmicks.
    These are dark times for consumers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    It has been a down hill run for them since they gave up the X-Plus line in favor of the -4 series. Like most modern companies in search of greater profits they have given up a great product in a quest for lower cost and "new & improved" sales gimmicks.
    These are dark times for consumers.
    Yea, it is really too bad because they used to be good.

    I often wonder if the intent was to get a bunch of customers hooked on a premium diaper then reduce the quality gradually knowing that a loyal base now exists. I know a lot of companies rely on our habitual buying patterns, which supports this idea.

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