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Thread: courage when wearing my diaper

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    Default courage when wearing my diaper

    Hi guys I know that you thought that you where going to find cute story about how brave that I was wearing my diaper, but I would like to ask why it is so much of a problem when our diaper shows?

    I have a friend, all of you do, and he does not wear diaper and I also know that if any one saw him in his underwear, He would be very embarrassed. I am also very embarrassed when some one sees me in my diaper or any part of it.

    My friend is not ashamed of who he is just because some one saw him in his underwear, so why should I be ashamed of who I am just because some one saw me with a diaper on?

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    I generally don't care, I used to when I was in Highschool, but who isn't embarrassed in high school? I've gotten to a point now where who cares if anyone sees? Nobody cares when they show their boxers or whatever, and this is the underwear I have to wear to manage my problems, so get over it, as far as I'm concerned.

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    cool at lest one guy thinks the same way a me, the world needs to get over it he he

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    Why don't I wasn't people to see my diaper? There are a couple of pretty basic reasons. First off, I'm not into showing off my underwear, period. While it can happen, I make an effort to avoid inadvertent exposure. With a diaper, this caution is increased, particularly if I am around anyone I know. They would likely assume I need them and I don't want to create a false impression of a disability where none exists. This could generate unwanted concern or expectation of me wearing when I have no desire to do so. So while it is not a matter of life and death to conceal my diaper wearing from everyone out there, I will continue to make the effort to avoid discovery.

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    I agree I also do not make any effort to show off that I am wearing a diaper any more than I would show off that I was wearing underwear, but if some one does see my diaper I just do not think that it is the end of the world, and if they were to ask me I would answer there questions

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    I wear elastic waistband pants or jeans most of the time. Sometimes they have a tendacy to slide down on my beer belly. I wear a onesie most of the time
    which covers my plastic pants and diaper. That way they don't show.

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