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    Hi there!
    I received my XL onesie from Baby Pants this last weekend. I had done some research, and from what I could tell, you're supposed to order your size and allow for shrinkage. Well, I'm super lazy, and went by my XP Medical bodysuit size, that being XL. Well, like many have mentioned, they are really generous sizing-wise. It was massive, and even washed three times, it didn't shrink to a size compatible with my body size and disposable diaper.

    So, I did some more research, and found a site that said to boil some water, add the garment you want to shrink, bring back to a boil, turn the burner off, and soak the garment for five minutes. I'm pleased to say it turned my comeuppance from not properly measuring myself for this specific product, into near perfection. I say "near" because the butt is a little poofy, but all in all, it's a great fit.

    I thought I'd pass this along, as I seem to remember a post where someone gave away a too-large BP onesie.

    Now, the site also said once you do the boil trick ( only works on cotton, btw) your garment is "set" and won't shrink any more, so something to consider.

    Anywho, I thought I'd pass that along. I almost gave mine away, too!


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    awesome ty, my daddy surprised me with two onesies from babypants, one was an XL the other a XLL

    my fit is Medium....... i was surprised sure, then i pulled it out of the package and had to hide the dissapointed look on my face as the onesie came to my knees :/

    im gonna try this and hope it works as i wasnt able to return the onesie, i tried but according to the babypants website you need to email them to get them to agree to accept a return before you ship it back, i emailed them twice and never got an affirmative to ship it back, their site also has a policy of 14 days for returns so they kinda screwed me out of being able to return it,

    so i shall boil!

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    I've got two medium size ones I got last summer that still haven't shrunk all the way up to my disposable diapers. They do all right with my cloth ones. BTW there
    from baby pants.

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    Would this trick work on the cotton training pants? I ordered a pair and they're just a but too big. I've thought about ordering another pair later in time, but a smaller size. How well would this trick work on training pants with multiple layers?

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    That's a great question, Cherub. If you have nothing to loose, like I did, you may want to try it. I guess it can leave things a bit uneven, so it might separate the layers. But, it was a fun experiment! Let me know how it works if you try it. I wish I would have done before and after pics.

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    If you have any sewing skill you could alter it to fit quite easily. Turn it inside out and fold it around the waist (bring the bottom up to meet the shoulders). You now have a fold all the way round the waist. Steam-iron all round the fold to make a sharp crease and pin it in place all the way round. Stitch an inch below the fold (or however far you need to shrink it - half an inch below the fold for every inch you want to shrink it by). When you turn it back the right way round it'll be shorter. Don't be tempted to cut the fold inside otherwise it will fray and come apart. Unless you have an overlocking sewing machine.

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    hi guys I very much like the babypants onesies I think that they are the best style out there, I use them all the time to help hold every thing in place when I wear the diaper all day long, but if you want to have a cute baby onesie like what real babies wear with a collar and cut pics on them then you got to look eleswere

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtrabulk View Post
    Hi there!
    I say "near" because the butt is a little poofy, but all in all, it's a great fit.

    I thought I'd pass this along, as I seem to remember a post where someone gave away a too-large BP onesie.
    Great tip. It'll be interesting to hear how it works for others, particularly for things that have already been washed a number of times (thinking about the "set" bit). May be that you have to do this pretty much right away.

    With respect to the poofy butt, your signature says it all: xtrabulk

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