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Thread: Reasons to wear onesie to bed with wife?

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    Default Reasons to wear onesie to bed with wife?

    I recently ordered a onesie and I'm nervours to wear it around the wife though. She is accepting about me weaing and doesn't mind me wearing to bed a few nights a week. We have a kid on on the and I feel she might think it's really wierd with me wearing an adult onsie. I'm thinking of saying that with the onsie i can wear while other guests are staying over and not chance having them see my diaper if i have to tend to the baby inthe middle of the night? Am i making a bigger deal about this than it really is or should I keep the onesie hidden?

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    I would probably wear a robe or pajama bottoms.

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    Oh yes, i aleays wear a tshirt and either pajama pants or shorts to bed. So it would only be replacing my tshirt. Sorry forgot to add that detail.

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    If that's the case, I don't see a problem. I guess I'm lucky in that my wife has bought me my onsies for Christmas presents. I love my stripped one with Donald Duck on it. Thank you Big Baby Boutique and wife!

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    If she ask, tell her it keep your diaper in place better. That it's more practical.
    If you wear shorts over it, she won't even notice, unless she try to play in that erea.

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    are you referring to the short sleeved, snap crotch type or to footie pajamas?

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    As long as you have wear pants it just looks like a normal t-shirt that tucked in.

    Ive worn just onesie and jeans out in the city, airports and other places and no one can tell. They even make polo shirt onesies that i can wear to work.

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    Onesies are a great way to help prevent leaks anyway, so they are pretty good for bed time if you are wearing a diaper to bed.

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