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Thread: What Counts as 24/7?

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    Default What Counts as 24/7?

    I know, this sounds like a really odd question with a no-brainer answer, but whatever.

    I want to start wearing 24/7 when my case of Bambinos comes in. The only issue is that I'm still a high school senior. With mandatory gym classes. This is my qualm: There are certain occasions, like gym class, where I absolutely cannot wear without an extremely significant chance of being outed. If I were to wear all the time EXCEPT in those instances, does that -- in your opinion -- still fall under 24/7 wearing?

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    Are you wanting to wear 24/7 for enjoyment or out of need? Those of us who are IC are the ones I consider the ones who need to wear 24/7. If I could
    I would like to take a break from not wearing at times during the day. But we don't have that luxury. Do you also use your diapers at school and when
    do you change?

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    The phrase '24/7' is just a label - it can be interpreted in many ways. The definition that you take from it is entirely up to you. You need to decide what you want to get out of it, what the caveats are and how far you want to go. You might define it as 'wearing padding at all times unless not appropriate' or 'not using the potty and only using padding'. It's whatever works for you.

    The definition I use would be along the lines of 'wearing padding in place of regular underwear and not using the potty'. It works for me, but it's certainly not the only interpretation. The key is to make sure you're enjoying yourself and not trying to live up to an arbitrary standard.

    You might want to look at the ADISC 24/7 Group.

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    No it would not if you aren't wearing them to school because of gym class.

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    I would say that "24/7" is simply, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Granted, you wouldn't wear in a bath/shower situation, but you'd wear all other times. That's not to say you shouldn't go for your goal of wearing as close to 24/7 as possible if you want to. You could call it "Mostly 24/7", but don't let a simple phrase definition keep you from doing what you want to try, and don't take unnecessary risks because of that same phrase.

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    For those who are not incontinent 24/7 is just a phrase, it's an ambition, a goal, not an exact timeframe down to the very last second. You can still say you wear 24/7 and not wear at gym times if you wear mostly at other times. Do what makes you feel comfortable not what you feel you have to do because of promises you made to others.

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    Like others have said, "wearing 24/7" is a phrase that merely identifies how long you are in a diaper. I call it a "diaper time fraction". It's a simplified numerical phrase or fraction whose sole purpose is just an easy way to tell others how much 'diaper time' you do. It shows how many hours you spend diapered in a day and how many days in a week you wear. This diaper time fraction can be altered to reflect your situation or status. However, keep in mind that those who are IC, are not actually wearing a diaper the entire 24 hours. I am sure they shower or bathe or do other things in which they are not diapered. Your diaper time fraction must also take into account your needs or situations (in your case, gym class). Some people who are aiming to be as close to 24/7 as possible might change in a restroom before or after gym class, while others would probably wait till after school to pad up. Pending on how it's used, "diapered 24/7" has also been used to illustrate what some refer too as hardcore. Since there are only 24 hours in a day, some want to spend as many of those hours in a diaper as possible. Just remember, that in the end, "diapered 24/7 is just a phrase. What it really means to you can only be answered by you. If you only wear outside of school hours then you could phrase it as 24/7 - outside school, and the phrase would still be true. Personally I see more than one way you could use the 'diapered 24/7' phrase and still be correct with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgh View Post
    The definition I use would be along the lines of 'wearing padding in place of regular underwear and not using the potty'.
    [...] The key is to make sure you're enjoying yourself and not trying to live up to an arbitrary standard.
    You are my living definition of "wearing diapers 24/7". I mean, it couldn't possibly get 24/7er than that!

    Anything less, in my opinion, is cheating. I'm conscious it means setting up a pretty high "arbitrary standard" for myself and I don't even know if I'm gonna reach it, but the day I'll say I'm wearing diapers 24/7 it has to be for real, until then I'm fine with just saying that "I wear diapers a (variable) lot".

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    I think that you can still count it as 24/7 since when wearing 24/7 you are likely give yourself little breaks to air out etc. If one of these happens to coincide with Gym class then so be it. As long as you wear at all other times and only give yourself a reasonable number of breaks (and put diapers back on as soon as possible afterwards) then that would be fine for me! I do think you need to be harsh on yourself though and not allow yourself to take off your diapers when you don't really need to of just don't feel like it. Its really up to you and what you are comfortable with but i'd say that taking them off just for Gym is fine!

    It's certainly what i do when i wear 24/7 (although being at uni now i don't have Gym classes, i do still do stuff like karate when i wont wear). I also tend to wear 24/7 for periods of 7 days as i don't really want to go longer than that as i am wearing just for fun! Ill echo what cgh said...enjoy yourself!

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    I wear 24/7 (because of need) but I still go without for a while every day to air out and let my skin breathe, usually for an hour after showering or bathing. I guess if you choose to spend your gym class "airing out" it wouldn't matter that much.

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