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    I'm UGAFAN1985, and I work as a Water Treatment Plant operator in my home town. I have been at this job for nearly 5 years and I love it better than working fast food restaurants. I am also one classification away from achieving the highest Water License in the state.

    I am hear I guess just most everyone else, I love wearing diapers. I have had this felling since I was 10. It comes and it goes, but I just can't help the fact that I love wearing diapers.

    I'm in to mostly any kind of sport. I like NASCAR; Gordon, Dale Jr. & Danica are my favorites. I also like watching football, both college and pro. Favorite NFL team is the Falcons, RISE UP!!!, and favorite college teams are UGA (of course), Georgia Tech and Notre Dame. I pull for the Braves in MLB, Devils and Avalanche in NHL and the Hawks in NBA. Don't watch too much BBall unless it's the playoffs or Final Four Tournament. I do watch wrestling, mainly WWE. Some of my favorite TV Shows are NCIS, NCIS: LA, CSI: NEW YORK, L&O: SVU, CHICAGO FIRE and I have gotten really hooked on the shows SPARTACUS and THE WALKING DEAD.

    I hope to get a better acceptance for the way I am while I'm here.

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    UGAFAN1985 welcome to ADISC! I also like NASCAR. I'm a 88, 99, and 2 car fan. Also a big Texas Rangers fan. I don't watch much of the other sports though.
    I'm retired and here in North Texas.

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    Welcome UGAFAN1985!

    Another Braves fan!! Boom baby! I really enjoy Baseball and Football (NFL mostly, but I do pull for the Carolina Gamecocks! The real USC!). I'm a huge Green Bay Packers Fan. The only person I have found that likes them more then me, is my wife. If your looking for acceptance, I have found no other place that matches the sincerity of this particular forum. Dont be a stranger! The best thing to do is get involved. Read the forum, pick the threads your interested in and put in your two cents. If you couldn't tell by the screen name, my name is Mike, hit me up if you need help around the site or if you want make fun of the New York Yankees.

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    Thank ya'll. I have been a Gordon fan since he started in NASCAR, as a matter of fact, he's the reason I started watching NASCAR in the first place. Can't wait for Daytona! I do like the Packers as well, it just Atlanta is and always be my home team. I plan on going to a Falcons game later this year when the 2013 season comes around. I will say this though, I was glad the NFL finally got rid of those replacement refs when they did, they just ruined the game for those first few weeks.

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