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Thread: What are your thoughts on girls bike shorts ?

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    Default What are your thoughts on girls bike shorts ?

    Not sure how to go about this but ill ask anyway , this is directed towards everyone ... i just wasnt sure where to post this

    I'm a straight guy but seem to have found a new form of " underwear " to use

    my wife recently gave me a few of her cotton bike shorts to use for help with concealing a goodnight pull up when im at work , they seem to work really well and even with out the pull up on they are really comfortable just to use as underwear

    being they are all black i dont have any fear of my waist line showing if my shirt happens to be on the rise since i am pretty self conscious about my under garments in public view

    I'm considering ordering some off the net to replace my typical briefs and boxers .

    what do you think or what are your thoughts on them , would you try them ?

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    Girls and guys bike shorts are pretty similar, except for minor differences in cut. I wear them all the time when working out. I see no issues with wearing them at all.

    Edit: In really cold weather, I wear running tights under my pants if I expect to be outside for extended periods (like winter football playoff games..... unfortunately that hasn't been a problem here in Chicago for a while)

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    Like Max said, Girl and guys bike shorts are close to being the same besides a few style differences and colors. I think one of the main differences are that a girls ones are higher up on the legs then the guys. Besides that i don't think anyone would really notices your wearing a girls pair

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    I've totally switched to panties a little over a year ago... (my GF knows and totally apprives)

    Most of the time I wear boy shorts which are really similar to bike shorts...

    They are cut a bit higher in think... They are unbelievably comfortable!

    In this past year not once have i looked back and doubted my decision to wear panties...

    Go for it man... Just know, once you start wearing them regularly your gonna hate changing back to rough baggy boxers/boxer briefs

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    ive tossed all my boxers last week , only reason i didnt buy the "guys" version is mainly the price ... 45-70 bux for a pair of shorts? uh no for $70 i could pick up 2 weeks worth of the girls shorts , i dont mind the girls shorts being cut a little higher on the leg , 6-7" in-seam is fine ... when i first tried on a pair of my wifes they felt kinda wierd but when you can go a whole day with out your shorts finding their way into places they shouldnt be i was sold

    recently for really cold days at work ive been borrowing my wifes leggings so i may look into getting a couple pairs for the bone chilling days we have been getting more an more often here

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    I love leggings as a base layer in cold weather. They are very comfortable and will stay put better than thermals. As for the bike shorts I love the feel and are great under a skirt.

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