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    Imagine a small wearable device that reads the activity patterns of the brain and from those can deduct the mental state. It is able for instance to detect anger, shame, desire, lust, determination, insecurity, fear, guilt and many other feelings even if mixed together, showing the intensity of each one. In the right hands, it becomes a sort of truth machine. If connected with a transmitter and properly linked to an alarm system, it could allow a single guardian to keep under remote control a large number of individuals. It could also be used to manage an automatic reward-punishment system in a behavior modification therapy.

    Would you allow someone to place such a device on you? Or, would you prefer to be in charge and control someone else with it?

    Imagine for instance what could happen if it was used on patients by nurses, or on students by teachers, or on employees by managers, or on children by parents...

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    Please, no remote control of my life !!!

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    could i use it on myself & control the device myself??? might be helpful... could really use motivation in daily life... gotta stop sittin in this room & thinkin/dreamin bout stupid shit all the time... caffeine can help but even that es a crapshoot... but no, would not allow someone else to control me, nor do i have any desire to control other people...

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    This is not a new idea although the application of higher technology and portability would make such a device more unique.

    I is a very slippery slope when we allow such devices to be used for anything more than pure research. I say this because we already have devices, from mood rings all the way to polygraph machines and other technologies that can read aspects of how we are reacting. The problem is that even though some technologies prove be pretty accurate there is still the uncertainty of human psychology and the ability of many to control there responses that would affect the ability of such devices I ever have full accuracy,

    One must also consider the chilling effects if such a technology in widespread use. Do we really want others to have that much of an insight into our emotions. Then there is the expectation of privacy, both in terms of what other entities might do with such data and in our own natural born right to think and feel as we wish, and to not be subjected to undue influence or even an invasion of our thoughts.

    I can see no possible compelling reason to justify the creation of acceptance of such a device, more than what we already have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiammaverde View Post
    . It could also be used to manage an automatic reward-punishment system in a behavior modification therapy.

    or on students by teachers or on children by parents...
    Think I saw a movie like that once..

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