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    Anybody try the cuddlz waddle onesie? it looks like it could be fun :-)

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    I haven't but I'm a cloth diaper wearer, and a medium on me is quite large and must be folded. I suspect it accomplishes the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nappilover View Post
    Anybody try the cuddlz waddle onesie? it looks like it could be fun :-)
    Be careful when ordering. The onesie sizing is very generous. I wear L/XL clothing size for everything else but my friend's small size onesie fitted me.

    Its not just their onesies, I made the mistake with the footed sleepers. I bought a large one and both me and my boyfriend could fit in it together it was that big (yes we tried)

    I would rather double or triple diaper up then wear a regular onesie. Then you get both thickness AND extra absorbency.

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    Looks like something i would love to get but at 72 US (not including shipping) I think i will hold out until i find someone on the US side that makes something like them. Looking more i could get 40 of their diapers with change left over and just double up if i wanted to waddle.

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