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Thread: Longest time without wearing?

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    Default Longest time without wearing?

    HI, just curious as to see how long everybody has gone without being able to wear, be it supply or other reasons.. i am into my 6th week now of not wearing, (as i have family visiting till the end of the month) so it is hard to wear one without being noticed or caught..hehe..
    i think knowing that i cant wear when i feel like it makes it worse..haha..
    Luckily this weekend i will wear as we are going away..
    happy wet week everybody :-)

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    I just went 3 years without wearing. Wore for 2 days than had to work the rest of the week. While I enjoy it I don't let it rule my life.
    Don't get me wrong, I do miss wearing when I can't.

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    In 6th grade I was wanted to wear so bad so I went that long without wearing and I was 17 when I finally got adult diapers. Maybe that is not what you meant.

    I did go three weeks without wearing because I went to Europe with my mother and I didn't feel comfortable bringing them with. I knew mom didn't really like me wearing them then so I wasn't sure how she would react if I brought them with and wore them over there. I think that is how long I went without being able to wear.

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    I went for 7 years after I got married and having children, etc. Then we moved to Virginia and I had Fridays off. It became a great opportunity to wear until my wife had to retire. I soon got caught, but she was very accepting, so yea diapers!

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    I haven't worn since 2011 when I last lived with my mom. Moved back in with my mom in 2012 and I JUST ordered a case of Bambinos. Last night.

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    dun know a couple of months i guess sense i started.

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    going on four and half months now, it's pissing me off believe me. I'm going to have to wait till summer

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