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Thread: Cuddlz New All Over Printed single tape Diaper

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    Default Cuddlz New All Over Printed single tape Diaper

    10 X Cuddlz New All over Printed Adult Baby Nappies Size Medium abdl diapers for adults -

    so any thoughts? nice to see the UK getting single tape and all over design.

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    I might try these, I'll just get a trial pack becuase if they are the same fit as the other cuddlz they wopnt be very good for me, as for soem reason only Tena slip seems to fit me good, the expensive ones like bambinos, Fabines and Cuddlz all seem to have a different cut and dont fit me as well, ikm still not to keen on the design, its to OTT and why does it have to have CUDDLZ brand name all over it, i know pampers has the pampers logo on its nappy, but its not like its plastered right over the nappy, i dont want to be an walking advertisement! ther bears look like they were hand drawn by a rather untalented artist, i could do a better job myself, i just wish one day someone will bring out a nappy that i like the look of, and that's basically a late 80s-early 90s Pampers with the european design (Pampy bears) how i miss those pampy bears in nice symmetrical rows on the tape panel. it was helpful for getting the tapes on nice and even on both sides, so if the left tape lands on the row of green bears then the right side should land on the row of green bears on the other side, pretty simple and effective!

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    WOW i was just about to buy a sample pack till i was greeted with the $11.30 shipping fee :\. that will have to wait till i really want it

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    I actually love these diapers, and I'm saying that as somebody who was very prepared to be disappointed when she ordered them. The tapes hold up impressively, the design is super cute (cuter than the images there suggest, trust me!) and they just make me feel soooo little and cute :P Finally a more affordable all-over ABDL diaper (compared to the Cushies/Fabines).

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    They are an improvement over the old cuddlz with the tape stickyness and strength, and they got rid of the stupid elastic waistband, also they look better than the old style cuddlz. But they still don't come very high up the waist, and don't seem to hold as much as the old ones did.

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    They got RID of the elastic waist band? #FAIL... thats one of the main attractions ....

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    single tape diapers never seem to fit right. I understand the appeal but I don't think they are for me.

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    I am looking for new diapers , I like and use Attends diapers now and have never had any realy problems, but I keep hearing you guys saying that they are cheap diaper, Now they cost the same as any of the diapers that I see out there so that must not be what you guys are talking about when you say that they are cheap, So what is the better diaper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by medicNS View Post
    They got RID of the elastic waist band? #FAIL... thats one of the main attractions ....
    No, its a good thing they are gone, it means you get a better fit. You're the first person I seen to have liked the elastic waistband on cuddlz.

    If it was just at the back I would be fine with it, but with it on the front too you just get problems with getting a good fit, especially if you are like me and prefer a tight fit.

    Quote Originally Posted by babygohan View Post
    Do they not come in small?
    Medium and Large only, although the cuddlz diaper sizing is fairly small compared to other brands. If you get a medium sample pack you will probably find they fit even if you would usually be a small.

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