Lol guize. I have committed to a suicide mission. I've ordered a case of Bambinos with an out of work mother who stays at home most of the day. I didn't realize what a mess this can potentially turn into until way after the fact. Now the case is in processing somewurz and it's too late to turn back. The next few days should be interesting. xD I mean, at the end of the day, I don't really care because I'm 18 and my mother won't open my stuff.. but, man.. I guess where I'm getting at is that this is a big step. Going from little bags of Bambinos and sampler packages and drugstore diapers to a straight up full case of Bambinos. It's like a step into manhood. A very, very ironic one.

Out of curiosity, how big is a Bambino's case dimensions wise? People tend to be more curious about shipments when they're big.