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    Hello everyone,

    I discover this magnificient forum only two days ago and I have to say,
    this place already helps me a lot! I've went to college only during a year in litterature ( I am from the province of Quebec, so this explain why my english is not great) and I'm currently working full time as a civilan in the millitary. Sorry to stay quiet about my job, but it's to protect my identity. I'm still though very passionnate with litterature and currently working on novels. Other than that, my interest are diverse: I've practice karate since age 6, I really love larping, I love cinema and video-games and of course, reading. I would like to become a professionnal writer, but I'm interested in becoming a police officer too.

    Okay now for the AD/DL part, I was appeal by diapers since age 12, but I start wearing only this year. It's been pretty hard admitting my interest in that, and I still sometimes question myself. I do not paddle frequently, due to my relationship situation, but I consider finding way to do it more often. I already wet it and slept in one. I also have a huge addiction in children pyjamas and cartoons. i never tried a footie, because it don't appeal me that much, but I love two pieces pyjamas. Even if I'm 6 foot 2 and more than 200 pounds, I manage to find a couple of pyjamas at sears that fit perfectly well, in the brand joe boxer size 18. I recommend them. I even have a scooby doo one! Also, I have a huge addiction to sonic, the games, novels and of course, shows. I even have a couple of pyjamas and a bunch of shirt with those characters. I think that's obvious if you look at my avatar. I never ordered anything online, but I will try a custom pjs at forever a kid and the super wet kids diaper. I'm also interest in the bambino diapers that a lot of you are talking about. Finally, the furries appeal me much, but instead of a fox costume I made with friends for larping, I had no experience.

    ouf... it's the first time i'm able to admit all of that! More intense than I though... well, I hope joining this community will help me to accept myself and I'm sure I will have a lot of fun with you guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wisefox View Post
    Hello everyone,
    Hi there wisefox, welcome to ADSIC

    I think being part of a community is a real help to self acceptance, and I hope you find that here :-)

    What kind of literature do you like? what sort of thing do you write?

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    I love all kind of litterature, especially fantasy, sci-fi, philosophy and police drama (not sure about the exact term in english, sorry)
    I work on two novels, a modern fantasy one and a scy-fi one. I have already published a little poem and a erotic short story in college, at an event we call ''Marathon d'écriture 24h'', that is 24h of conference with professionnal writer, like Bryan Perro, author of Amos Daragon, and all sort of litterary activities.

    Thank you for the welcome!

    Do you read a lot too? are you an author?

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    I love reading... a little too much I think, I'm a natural introvert and it's only encouraged me to be more anti-social ;-)

    I mostly read "literary fiction" nowadays, but when I was a teen I read a lot of science fiction and some comic fantasy - mostly Terry Pratchett.

    It's an odd thing, in English (British English anyway) we never seem to use the term "police drama" for written fiction, only for TV. If it's written we call it crime or detective fiction. I'm not a super fan of crime stories except the classic Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie ones, but I do like stories where police investigate other police.

    I'm not a writer sadly - I can never do plots ;-)

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    Yes, crime or detective fiction, that's what I meant! sorry again, more used with french than english.

    I'm not sure who Terry Pratchett is, but i have a terrible memory with names. Of course, Shelock Holmes is a classic and I know Agatha Christie, even if I don't have read her a lot.

    Some of my favourite authors are Maxim Chattam, for his crime Fiction, Terry Goodkind, for his Sword of truth saga, J.K. Rowling, because Harry potter books were my childhood and of course, Stephen King. But I don't stick to them, I try different ones pretty often.

    And yes, sometimes I become anti-social when I start a serie!

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