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    Default Starcraft 2 HoTS Beta

    So I was a huge latecomer to Starcraft 2 only really just started taking it seriously recently and only had the game since just pre HoTS beta.

    Anyway Im stating to play a fair bit more or hoping to anyway to see if I can push diamond or higher, mostly because im super excited about the hots beta.

    I have been following all of the games cast by Husky, some of Day9's and WhiteRa when he streams cause im a tossfag =D

    Has anyone else been following the beta or better yet in it? I think protoss got the best deal and I fear many nerfs before release. Im suppose happy to see winfestors get nerfed to oblivion, well they are still viable but not broken. The general game play balance wise seems vastly improved and the new death animations are really fun as well and the new units.

    It seems there are a lot more options for players though the changes are minor they have done a lot there is tons of early game play yet its still very easy to marco. The mirror match-ups have improved dramatically i feel ,except maybe zerg as they didn't change zergs early game.

    What are your guys thoughts on this so far? Do you feel whats been done is worth the cost of an expansion ? Or have you already preordered? Or are you reading this and unsure what Starcraft 2 =)

    Either way I really hope SC2 expansion does well RTS competitively seems to have died compared to what it was in the past it would be nice to see it grow again.

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    I'm just waiting for the entire campaign to be finished so I can get the battle chest and play through that

    I was never any good at the actual game but I spent hours and hours playing the Use Map Settings games in the original Starcraft

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