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Thread: Hi! I'm Nina.

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    Default Hi! I'm Nina.

    Hello all!

    My name is Nina and I'm a 27 year old ab from Ireland. I am a teacher and a student. I'm interested in running, languages and reading fantasy and sci-fi books. I'm also a trans girl, born male but have identified as female for a very long time.

    I'm married and my wife has always known about my interest in nappies and roleplaying as a baby - my favourite age to rp as is around the 1 year mark but my wife likes me to be older so I can be more communicative.

    We have played a little in the past but my wife has always found it rather difficult to get into the role of playing my mommy. She always says she's unsure of what to do. Also she tends to make it very sexual whereas for me I rather get enjoyment when she acts just like a real mother would to a young child that needs care. It's great that she's accepting but it would be nice if she could get more in to it.

    We haven't played for a few years but recently I bought three very cute cloth diapers online and I occasionally wear them to bed or for naps when I come from from a stressful day at work/college.

    Found your community today and thought it looked like a very nice place to join and hang out a little in.

    Bye for now!

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    Welcome! Glad you're here! Im sure you both can find a lot of information to help! Plus we're lots of fun What do you teach? At what school?

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    Thanks for the welcome! I teach English as a foreign language to 10-12 grade students.

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    Oh wow! That's pretty cool! English is my second language too...but I'm much more proficient in it than Spanish. Were you born in Ireland?

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    Yes, born and bred but I no longer live there, sadly.

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    Definitely! I hear it's really beautiful! When did you realize you were an AB?

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    It is very beautiful. Sadly the economic situation at the moment means that there are not many jobs.

    I have always been interested in nappies ever since I can remember. I remember at about the age of 7 or so 'borrowing' some of my brothers' and wearing them. I really explored the desire to wear them in my teenager years by wearing nappies to bed. At this time I was also exploring my feminine side and trying to make sense of my desire to be a girl. It was a big mess and I was totally confused. I guess I only really discovered I was abdl (able to make sense of it and put a name on it) when I was in my early 20's, a few years after I discovered I was trans.

    I am happy for the kids growing up today with the internet that it's much easier to get information and find like minded folks. For years and years I was certain I was the only person who wanted to be a girl never mind trans baby girl!

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    Default Hi! I'm Nina.

    Hi Nina! Welcome to ADISC. That's a really great intro you wrote!

    I also wanted to let you know to check your Private Messages. I sent you some links I think might be really helpful for you and your wife. You probably can't respond yet because you have to meet certain requirements as a member first, but you should able read those sent to you by others.

    Again welcome and enjoy!

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    Thanks Baby Jessi! I'll have a listen and get back to you on what I thought. :-)

    @ Revive, did you live there or were you just visiting?

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