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Thread: Are classic children's stories part of you being an AB?

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    Default Are classic children's stories part of you being an AB?

    Does anyone here like to have classic children's stories (Dr. Seuss, Golden Books etc) read to them, or read those books themselves? I'm thinking of eventually buying several of these for myself. Thoughts, folks?

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    You can get some of these on e-books and some are interactive. My wife lets her Ipod read to me before I go to bed, "Nighty Night" and "Goodnight Moon" among others. They're wonderful. When I was in college I discovered the "Winnie the Pooh" stories. I will always love those stories.

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    Yes, I have a copy of Alice in Wonderland (my favorite kid's story) in German so that Daddy can read it to me.
    I am looking for other classic kids books in German too whenever I go to the book store and have some extra money. Story time is very important. It helps me go to sleep.

    (Also, I stumbled upon a really good Alice in Wonderland AB story the other day, and that made me pretty happy.)

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    Actually, it's too bad you don't live in this part of Texas (not saying where), because we just had a several-weekend garage sale in early December during which we tried to sell such books from the 80's and 90's at like 5 for $1.00 but ended-up donating the vast majority to our church for their preschool/kindergarten class. I have no use for them myself, except maybe to re-draw some of the pictures (which is why I scanned a few pictures before putting them back in the box). We're downsizing, not collecting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobiBoi7 View Post
    Actually, it's too bad you don't live in this part of Texas (not saying where).
    Bahaha, yes this is one of the reasons where we live is private, we don't have to tell everyone that, they already know lol.

    I like kids books but I don't like reading them myself, I would rather have someone read them to myself. But I think I might start reading some more since I already love so many.

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    Yes, many I still have my all about me Dr. Seuss Book from when I was a toddler,
    My mother is school teacher so while not a teenager anymore these books are still easily available to me,
    Stone soup being one of favorites from when I was a child.
    Mild tangent I have looking at themes in this books later in life found that is not only a great story for teaching kids how to read to but also perseverance, sharing, friendship, and dealing with difficult people.

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    Robiboi7 i guess, to each their own. Some of us like to collect whatever baby/toddler stuff they can, including books, but others may not. A lot of us may just want to collect lots of CERTAIN things (toys, pacis, diapers, whatever). It all depends on the individual.

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    You can't beat 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' loved that book as a kid

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    You SAID it Babyboyuk21! I'm definitely getting that book!

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    I like the golden books and doctor seuss and other story books from my child hood.

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