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    I gained about 10 pounds over the holiday season (originally weighed a healthy 177) but it has kept going and I am 190 now. I dont want it much higher if higher at all. Can anyone offer some insight on how I could lose this extra leverage of mine?

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    Lots and lots of cardio. There are no magic drinks, sprays, pills, potions, vitamins, phrases, magnets, ads etc that will make you magically lose weight, only hard work and a proper diet will help you lose weight.

    Joining a gym will also be very beneficial, if you can afford a personal trainer at least for the first month or so, or better yet, if you know someone who goes to a local gym that you can go with, that would be a great opportunity for you as well.

    While there are no magic potions that melt weight off you, protein shakes and the like can be beneficial to a good workout should you choose to do gym, but don't expect protein shakes to actually do anything unless you work out.

    Finally, again should you choose to join a gym, there will be pain - but also gain (health-wise!). And despite what people may think, most gym-goers are not unapproachable machines, they all started out somewhere, and most will be understanding of your situation and most will be happy to show you the ropes - assuming you don't know anyone who is a regular gym goer already.

    And remember, lots of cardio. This is jogging, cycling, treadmill, rowing, swimming, anything that gets your heart rate up - walking is not a form of cardiovascular exercise, it's just walking. Good luck!

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    Hej Balto,

    if I need to lose weight, I starts to control eating. I take a diary and write in, what I ate and how much.
    So I can see, if I ate too much candy or drank too much high-calorie soft drinks and change it.

    And me helps to go swimming. 3 kilometers in 3-4 hours.

    Maybe you can look for sports which you like? Or do sports with a friend, who give a good kick in the pants for motivation, if you need

    see you

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    Do not drastically change your diet all at once. Your body will not used it.
    You can replace things with more healthy items.
    Exercise does help as well. Not eating close to when you go to bed.

    Do not over eat, or think you have to eat all on your plate.
    This is true for when going out or for fast food.
    If full do not think you have to eat it all.

    I heard some people eat more than 3 times a day, but
    they eat smaller portions.
    Same amount as the 3 times a day or what normally eat, just spread out into more smaller meals.
    Some people this helps there body deal with food better.

    Also remember everyone's body is different. What works for one, may not for someone else.

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    I got Wii Fit which I do daily every night for at least 45 mins. Then I started eating less, and taking vitamins. I started a few weeks ago and I've lost 5 pounds so far. The hard part is sticking to it, I've tried this 3 times already but ended up stopping for random reasons.

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    Lots of cardio, going to the gym too. Try to eat small portions if you can to keep your metabolism up. Fruits and vegetables always helps too.

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    I tend to gain 10 lb over the holidays and slowly lose it. I don't change the way I eat. I do try to take walks when I can. But a lot of it due to shoveling snow and stacking wood.

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