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Thread: Depends = itching?

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    Default Depends = itching?

    I wear mostly Depends. I find that their diapers fit me more snuggly than others. Although, my skin tends to itch when wearing them. I remember getting a sample from Attends that didn't itch my skin, and there was one diaper I got from an AB/DL store that didn't itch either.

    Could my skin be allergic to something in Depends? Has anyone else had this problem?

    The itching and scratching becomes a problem when I start scratching so much that skins comes off.

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    It could from whatever they use for odor control. I don't know what the chemical makeup is. It also could be the leg cuffs.

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    sounds like an allergic reaction.. then again, I almost invariably get a diaper rash when wearing em, I usually buy a bag a year to see what changes they've made

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    Are you wearing the diaper without powder and/or lotion? If so, this could be the cause. A snug diaper will more quickly cause irritation than a loose one without powder/lotion. If you are powdering up before hand though, I agree that you're having some sort of mild reaction to an ingredient in the diaper.

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    Heard some things said above, if not using powder or something, try that.
    If you have them snug, maybe try a little looser and see how it goes.

    Were the other diapers you tried just as snug?

    Also how long do you wear them before it starts?
    Also if wet it may cause it. Even if its just from sweating.

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    Well if skin is coming off, I would say it's time for a new diaper. I'm sure with a bit of testing, you will find a diaper that you like just as much or even more. I have only ever been irritated by a diaper if I have had chaffing or an existing rash of sorts.

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