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    Three times this month I have had accidents where I have messed myself. I am not feeling sick or anything. I have not changed my diet. I have just been messing myself accidentally. Over the years I have had issues with IBS and having the strong urge to go maybe three or four times a day. Sometimes no matter how well I clean back there I always have stains on my boxers later.

    I already deal with very slight urinary incontinance. I take a leak and stand there shaking for a minute or two to make sure everything is out but I always drip a wee bit in my pants. And throughout the day I deal with very small leaks.

    It's gotten to the point that I am seriously considering padding up 24/7. My main issue is work. I work security and my booth is a ways away from the bathroom. The bathroom is in the Scale House and my booth is across the parking lot. It would not be easy to change if the need arises. Has anyone else had similar situations.

    Now I admit that I have a fetish for diapers for a long time. I have fantasized about being fully incontinant from time to time. I have not done anything to myself to cause this other than daydreaming. I know it's a serious issue for some.

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    Only just seen your post -so sorry not to have replied earlier. I understand where you are coming from and know that coping with fecal incontinence in the workplace can be very tricky. One way I have managed has been to have a "doubler" inside my diaper - people use a variety of products including children's diapers for this purpose but I find the very cheap pads sold to go inside new stretch pants can work very well. If you have a messy accident the inner pad contains the mess and when it is possible to get to the bathroom can be removed and allow the outer diaper to go on doing it's job. If you have trouble getting time away from your post to go and change rubber pants over your diaper can give added security and a lot of people say they reduce the odour problem which is one of the worst things about fecal leakage,

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    Thanks for the reply

    The issue seems to have slacked off a bit. Still thinking of going 24/7 tho just incase

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