Remember when I posted our goals for 2012 a year ago?

Well, time to review, and see how we did!

2012 in Review

  1. Content
    1. Encourage the creation of higher quality content. (e.g: articles, posts, etc). Much progress has been made, with many more articles and changes to the rep system to encourage quality posts.
    2. Make it easier to find this content on the site. (e.g: featured posts on homepage) We added featured posts on our homepage.
    3. Hilight our best content off-site. (e.g: newsletters) We've started doing NLs again.

  2. Teens
    1. Do even more to protect the safety of the teens that use our site. (e.g: better privacy options, possibly higher minimum ages)
    2. Do an even better job of communicating safety information to teens & (when they visit) their parents. (e.g: "Safety Tips" sticky)
    3. All teen issues were resolved (albeit in a very sad way) when we went 18+.

  3. Personalization
    1. Show members more of things they're interested in.
    2. Similarly, make it easy for members to block/ignore things they aren't.
    3. This one, we haven't made such progress on, but there is always 2013.

  4. Mobile
    1. Mobile support for the site. Perferably a single product that works for everyone. (very difficult, but worth it) We've made many updates improving mobile support over the last year.

  5. Integration
    1. Better integration with the Live Chat. We've moved to a new chat server with infinitely better integration than the old one had. You login with your ADISC account, use your ADISC name, etc.
    2. Better integration with the Gallery. (will likely require replacing the gallery) We replaced the gallery. Yay!

  6. Staff / Memberbase interaction:
    1. Finding ways for the memberbase help the staff, where possible, taking load off the staff and letting everyone get involved. Several of these projects are in the works, including members reporting invalid rep, newsletters, and more.
    2. Being more transparent about the plans for ADISC's future. This post continues that fine tradition.

Goals for 2013

Not final yet! See this thread to make your suggestions.

UPDATE: Goals have been posted here.