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Thread: Return of the Lego!

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    Cool Return of the Lego!

    Hellooo ADISC! Last year my account was deactivated 'cause I was under 18 but yesterday marked the 18th anniversary of my birth so I am now supposed to be a "mature" adult of course I'm still just a little kid really

    Anyway it's been quite a while and I haven't really been very active so I thought I should reintroduce myself. I am legokid, born and raised in England but have dual citizenship so I'm an American and British citizen oh and I'm half Mexican too!

    I'm in the middle of my A levels right now and hoping to go on to do a biochemistry degree and get my dream job of a forensic scientist and if possible I'd love to go live in America too.

    For as long as I can remember I've liked diapers for a number of reasons, the biggest reason I can think why I like them is that it is great as a stress reliever because I get so much stress from many different aspects of my life and they're also really comfy and it's great to regress to a baby and have no troubles to worry about. I also find it's fun too but not sexual at all :P

    Anyway when I'm not being an awesome baby I'm busy being just plain awesome. I love Pokemon and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and right now my life is being taken over by January exams, I've had 2 today and got another 5 in the next 2 weeks but soon it'll be over and I can relax. I'm also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints also known as the Mormon church and I'm planning to go on a mission by the end of the year so I'll be here til December and then I'll be gone for 2 years!

    Anyway I've got exams to revise for so I gotta go but I'll hopefully be back and be more active!

    Much love to y'all!

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    Default Return of the Lego!

    Welcome back Legokid

    Best of luck with your exams!

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    Just want to say it's fantastic seeing some of the first now 18 members trickle back in. It was really crummy when it all happened and I for one am very glad that you came back.

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    Thank you! Yeah I was pretty sad when that happened, not for me cause I knew I'd be turning 18 soon but for the younger ones it must of been bad. But now I can say that I am one of, if not, the youngest member of ADISC

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    YAY LEGOKID!!!! GOOD to see you back!!! *big welcome back hug*

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    Welcome back! I'm glad to see you and active again and good luck in your exam's.

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    Welcome back.
    I think a lot of us over 18 still have some kid in us still ^_^

    I am glad as well to see some come back from the under 18 ban thing.
    Also I wish you best with your mission =3

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    Welcome back Legokid! Good to see you back. wish you luck on your exams.

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