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Thread: Who is padded at work today?

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    I'm not at work yet, but I will be this afternoon, and of course I will be diapered,

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    Butterfly Mage


    I wear diapers 24/7. My work diaper is one of the "discrete" varieties, so no one ever notices.

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    Nope, never would, don't have enough trust that I wouldn't be found out.

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    yup but just some depends underwear type Tho, Need to change them at lunch time

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    Me. But I'm IC so I'm always padded. I've long since given up the fear of being caught though.

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    no job at the time s padded around the house 24/7 in dry 24/7's

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    Been wearing Prevail first quality diapers to work this week since Tuesday. I haven't worn big kid pants since Monday afternoon. I live near, so I change at lunch. Planning to try Unique Wellness to work when my case comes in, then no diaper changes till after work hopefully.

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