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Thread: Can someone explain to me how to blog?

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    Default Can someone explain to me how to blog?

    I'm in the process of creating my own website for my business and I want it to have a blog/forums tab. What is the difference between a blog and forum, and can someone give me examples of how the best way to go about it is? Thanks!!

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    A forum was once called a bulletin board due to the manner in which users say what they say. Each user’s comment can be placed in the thread that he wants it in and the thread appears to be a conversation, albeit a very long one, that could last a up to a few months or even years. Forums are usually niche specific so that like minded people gather around the forums that they are most drawn to. There are forums that talk about computer technology, about motorcycles, even pets. There is probably a forum for every niche that there is. A forum needs to have a moderator who would be responsible for keeping the peace and ensuring that everyone follows the rules; especially because forums can often spark verbal fights called flame wars due to the very heated arguments.

    The second one is the blog. This is like creating your own webpage but the blog site that you are using usually provides templates so that your page is automatically set up. You just need forum to change a few options so that it suits you or your personality. A blog is like an online diary than anybody can read and leave comments on. Although there are a lot people who use blogs for this purpose, most people who do make blogs usually discuss events or issues that have affected them. There are multitudes of blogs that discuss about politics, religion, and current events. Some blogs become very popular that some people are already following what the owner would say next.

    I would say if it is for a business a blog/forum is probably not the way to go, as they are not very business oriented, but I guess that all depends on the business you are in.

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