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Thread: Do you use Mattress protectors?

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    Default Do you use Mattress protectors?

    After having a "small" leak a few nights ago I deiced to get a mattress protector for my bed. Right now its just sitting on the corner of my bed, been to lazy to take all my sheets off to put it on since its a loftbed.

    How many of ya use one? Also i hear they can make you sweat more then normal is that true?

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    I use one that is cloth, mainly due to my cats, Trying to keep my memory foam protected. The plastic ones don't last very long, they do tend to make you a bit warmer, but over time they will dry out, crack, and tear. Go with a cloth one, they cost a bit more, but they last longer.

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    Yes, I have mattress protector the plastic one. I put mattress protector on the mattress first. Then I put the pillow top on next. Then the bed sheet. I also use GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats when I try new diapers for overnight.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I use one because diapers do occasionally fail.

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    I found this works for me - SLEEP TITE by Malouf Mattress Protector - it's a bit cooler than a plastic sheet, but it still doesn't breath as well as not having a waterproof mattress protector. When looking up this order on Amazon, I'm kinda ticked that it's now $20 cheaper than when I ordered it in 2011... Goofy Amazon pricing.

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    As a bedwetter I keep a waterproof cover on my bed. I only pee my bed a few times a month now and do not wear protection for it to a plastic protector is a must.

    Growing up I would be afraid my friends would hear the crinkle if the plastic when they sat in my bed. None ever said anything about it if they did.

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    I have a bed bug protection one that's also waterproof that zips completely around the futon I got from bed bath and beyond. Then I have a waterproof pillow top I got from Sam's club. Very little crinkling, I bed wet seldom but if a diaper leaks I don't want to ruin things.

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    I do use a waterproof mattress cover, they're very discreet and not noticeably hotter, though I think that might change in the summer. Better than disposable/washable pads that just bunch up and move around. Of course mishaps in bed are rare with a decent nappy but it only takes once to ruin an expensive mattress!

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    I saw an ad recently in a movie theater of all places for a decent-looking one, but I forgot the name of it. I keep meaning to get one on my bed, because I hate when my diaper leaks. Anyone have good specific recommendation for minimal-crinkle protectors?

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    yup!, got a nice pillow top one that'll actually soak in a bit, been washed dozens of times, hasn't leaked into the matress yet.. cant stand the regular plastic sheets tho, my sweat alone soaks the sheets, winter or summer.

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