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    Hi friends!

    My name is Crissy, and I've been a DL my whole life. I'm rather glad too, because I wound up needing them later in life. I have leakage problems, and regular underwear just doesn't help if I have to "go" several times a day. I prefer Depends, although the material inside might be causing an allergic reaction with my skin. (Tends to itch.) I will switch back and forth between the "diaper" brief-style and underwear-style that they have. Naturally, I prefer the diaper-style since I feel more secure. Plus it works better if I have an accident in bed, which has happened from time to time.

    I have also been an AB here and there. It's not something I can really get into too much, since I have family responsibilities. My wife supports me, though. She's changed me a few times, especially after one time where I was nearly killed in a car accident. I had been so emotionally scarred at that time that my bladder was very overactive, and she was there to take care of me.

    I'm studying to become a nurse, so I also think I'll be a very good caregiver and understanding since I need to wear diapers and be cared for myself from time to time.

    In my personal life, I enjoy playing Sims, writing stories, and I like running my internet radio station.

    I'm hoping to make a lot of friends!

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    hey chrissy welcome to the site, im a nurse here in the uk, and recently became dependant on diapers for my OAB symptoms, i think it has made me more understanding of people i care for who may have similar issues, although running baths, meeting personal needs etc can be a pain cus it makes me need to pee lol

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