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    HI All

    Glad to find you all here, well my name is Andy and I am 38, guess I have always been into likeing diapers, earliest memory I guess was around 12. Think i got to like them as i used to also bed wet and grew attached to them somehow, i kept on trying to wear them even after i became dry, for me will not lie is also quote sexual guess hitting puberty and liking diapers at that time lets say it became sexual also, i guess the padding or the materials also.

    Anyhow I live and work in France at the moment and I am married and have a child. Did tell the wife i liked diapers however she is not into them at all so have to keep that side seperate, think i expalianed it badly to her??

    Looking to just chat and to share and find out the diapering side, i usually wear tena or huggies drynites 8-15 year olds which I can get from the normal supermarkets here in France. I do not really do the aduly baby thing am just a DL I guess.

    Hope to chat and say hi to you all


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    Welcome Andy. I love the title Crinklebum, it's cute.

    I have similar reasons on why I like diapers too. Ever since I was a child do I remember having the fascination with them. Glad I grew used to wearing them, because I've needed them later in life with the leakage problems I have. My wife was more accepting of them, probably because I have had some accidents without them. I've never figured out if she thought I was cute in my diaper or not, but she did take a picture of me one time passed out in bed wearing on my diaper. She said I was "her baby".

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    Yes hi thanks for the message guess would like to wear around my wife to not saying in the open but under something if needed and to bed on the odd occasion too. Can only wish I guess.

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