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Thread: The Moment You Been Waiting For

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    Default The Moment You Been Waiting For

    Well I thought to share you my new room

    My Photos - New Room - Nov 08

    *Just gos to show you I dont lie unlike some*

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    good job! Now you won't have to worry about anyone wondering if you are *b/dl, huh?

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    Well you did good with the space you have, but that must suck. My closet is bigger. Creative how you made the bed, though.

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    It looks cool but I wouldn't want to sleep in a closet unless it was lined with 4 inch steel with a solid metal security when there are robbers in my house, but that's me.

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    Thanks for sharing the pics! First thing that came to mind is the old saying, "Snug as a bug in a rug". Nice stash of *B items you have there.


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    i'm the oppisite of closterfobic (I can't spell) so i would love a small room like that. so close and cozy.

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    Have you made sure the bed holds you? I hope you used a stud finder...Otherwise you could wreck your walls...That's a really small area...I don't know about you, but I wouldn't sleep in a spot like that

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    Default really wen to town.... Now only if you replaced the bunk beds with a crib.

    do you plan on getting a changing table?

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    Looks cute, good job. I look forward to seeing the finished project!

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    Thank you for your support everyone *hugs*

    I know its a very small room due to being that its not a room at all because it was a mess room/junk room so I turned it into what it is now.

    Yes my bed holds me *hehe* and all safe except on failing out lol

    I did try and find someone who would build me a cot but no one in the uk dos that.. so if anyone who can make things ie like a cot/high chair in the uk. go for it

    also with a changing table just a little bit small. but when I move out of my parents will make it better then ever.

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