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Thread: Canadian question on shipping

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    Question Canadian question on shipping

    I was miffed at the high price of shipping to Canada so having family in the US that I ship non-diaper orders to, I figured there has to be a service that I can use for the diaper orders.
    I stumbled upon Kinek and after reading all about them they seem pretty legit. You have items shipped to the warehouse with a personal account number (eg Name: Knom #333333) to one of the points that you are able to visit. (in my case Buffalo) they charge you $5.00 and you have 30 days to retrieve your item.
    I wasn't sure if anyone one here has used this or similar services before and can they offer any tips/advice/reviews?

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    Can't really offer advice on that, but if it were me, I wouldn't go that route. I'm in Canada and I order my diapers from two different places. (charges us dollars but Canadian orders ship out of Montreal shipping included.) And (Canadian company ships out of Concord Ontario, Canadian Dollars, free shipping on orders over $50+frequent sales on diapers.) Very good selection on both sites and haven't had any problems with either place, although agecomfort tends to be a bit cheaper and they ship a lot faster than b4ns. Hope this helps.

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    I too order from agecomfort, however when you are looking for items like DryCare, Bambino, or other assorted products other than Abena or Molicare b4ns or abcanada either doesn't have them in stock, or the price is
    When places like xpmedical will have a case of DryCare for $100 and includes shipping, why not just take the short drive over the boarder to pick them up?

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    Well, I placed my Dry24/7 order and it is being shipped to my pickup depot.
    I will let you all know how it goes Wednesday when I pick them up.

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