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    The diaper would be exactly the same in every way as a pampers cruiser, just bigger in every dimension as well as absorption for adults. You know.. leak guard, cloth like cover, elastic sides, single tabs, and a landing zone for the tabs. All white outside, perfectly able as a baby diaper just for adults for night or day #1 or #2. what do you think about that? And do you think it will ever happen? A company making a diaper like that?

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    Butterfly Mage


    It's actually available. Bambino makes adult diapers that greatly resemble diapers for children. The only down side is that the diapers are expensive since there are a lot fewer ABDLs than regular incontinent adults.

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    ABUniverse has come pretty close too. They have the single tape system, a leg guard, cloth like cover, and a landing zone. However, they don't have elastic sides or a plain white diaper (they do have a diaper with an all over print though.) With cupon codes, you can get them for $25 bucks. They actually have a buy one, get one half off sale right now. I just got my first order of them a little while ago, and I like them quite a bit!
    ^.^; Hope this helps!

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    I don't see an add anywhere or a buy one get one half off

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    When you click to view either their cushies or their new sissy print diapers (Sissy prints are only a PRE ORDER) there is text under the picture of the product.
    Cushies = CUSHIESBOGO
    Sissy = SISSYBOGO

    (Cloth like Cushies are out of stock, so no promo code for those)

    They have other cupon codes for 15% off all disposable diapers (including their own), and a code for 10% off the entire order (only one cupon code can be used per order.)

    (When I said you could get cushies for $25, that was a pack of 20 diapers using the 15% discount on disposables.)

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    Thanks for all the feedback, Im glad people responded to the post. Stay padded everyone

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