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Thread: Customs & post offices leave me red faced - Island life

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    Default Customs & post offices leave me red faced - Island life

    Sorry if this is long i never meant for it to be this long at first

    I'm sure majority of you never have to go thou this but its what i have to do if i have to get diapers and is also the reason why I stopped caring if people know I wear Padding because....

    There is no such thing as Discreet Shipping

    As most of you that know me, I live on a Island and in order to get anything that is not sold here it must be cleared by customs and then duty has to be paid to the post office. Ok no problem right? Nope that's where the problem starts. Both require that i have an invoice of what is in the package and it must be opened for inspection.

    So at the post office I must give them the invoice that shows what is in the box. Of course invoices i give them have been somewhat modified as i remove the babyish logos that are on them and if they say Adultbaby . But i can't modify the items.

    ABU is pretty good tho as they show "1 - abusdk10mbfs" as the item. So no one really know what the hell that is.

    Bambinos show the full name "1 x Bambino Variety Case Medium - 1 Case of 48" Somewhat so so but at least not fulling give what it is.

    With abu their diapers come in clear bags so right away they can see...Diapers! If i remember ABU also puts candy in the box (Pedo looks at me anyone?) And i think a flyer about other stuff they sell with pics of people in diapers..... Yup more strange looks at me if they see that.

    With Bambinos and the all white bags there is a chance that i could be asked to open one of the bags.
    Yes open the bags..... outside of the box...... in front of the people waiting inline behind you.
    Lucky that has not happened yet since its mostly old lady that work at the post office.

    "Well siddy is not like you not going to see them again. "
    Chances are 99% i will see them again and another 65% they know someone that knows me with another 40% chance they know my Mom. (Note 90% of percentage in the interwebs are made up )

    Well i have not been to the post office in a while since i signed up to a US mail forwarding company. I still have to send in a invoice via email but besides that everything is done at the felicity and i don't have to be there. But that does not mean a am free. Normally i just get computer generated emails saying i have packages but earlier i just got a email that reminded me "There is no such thing as Discreet Shipping"

    "Afternoon Mr. Siddy,
    I have a shipment for you containing diapers. If you have an invoice for this shipment please either e-mail me or fax me at 293-****. Thanks."

    The lady who sent this I think knows my mom from one of her old jobs. And she only sends me a direct email like this when the item are questionable.

    Does she still talk with my mom pretty sure... Will she ask/tell about my diapers. I dont think so but it could happen as she might think they are baby diapers. But hey my mom has seen then so ya...

    So now you know my tale anyone else live on a tiny island and have to do this all the time? (Dont even ask about going thou this with sex toys)

    P.S. Maybe i should have made this a blog...

    P.P.S. Na no one reads them silly things

    P.P.P.S kidding about them being silly

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    I have to go through something like this when I bring diapers from the US to Canada.
    It sucks so much so that a few of the boarder guards know about them as I cross at a small crossing

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    That's kind of humorous the way you posted it. But also your goverment wants your money on what you bought. That's one reason I don't buy from Canada and only from
    USA companys.

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    Kinda wierd, being in the US, I get less grief ordering from Germany than I do from Canada, I dunno why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72 View Post
    That's kind of humorous the way you posted it. But also your goverment wants your money on what you bought. That's one reason I don't buy from Canada and only from
    USA companys.
    Yeah, I bought some cloth diapers from Rearz in Canada once and was a tad interested to see what they put on the outside of the box. Their shipping was said to be "discreet," but I knew they'd have to put a customs declaration on my particular shipment, and I wasn't sure how "discreet" that would be! Turns out that they simply declared the contents to be "clothing." Well, that was nice of them. Since most of these specialty diaper companies are small shops, I suspect that they'd declare a package as "clothing" or "medical supplies" or whatever you wanted, provided it wasn't a total lie. If you're worried, email 'em!

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    When I order from the US the package from the online shop first goes to my American PO box ( There they open the package, looks whats inside, and sends it to me in Europe (I think they also re-pack the content in their own cartons). And they write something like 'Adult diapers and diaper liners' on the customs declaration, even I've asked if its possible to write 'health products' instead. But I don't really mind until a guy from DHL comes to my door to deliver the package a few days later... An embarrassing moment

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    As you see in the red, the it pretty well out in the open when they hand me the box what could be in it. So anyone that handles it will see. And the white tape shows that it was opened and inspected before they tape it back up.

    oh and yesh indeed that $189 to get it here

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    Bambino or ABU should declare it as disposable undergarment, this will prevent cases of false declaration.

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