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Thread: Anyone had bruising from diapers?

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    Default Anyone had bruising from diapers?

    So, yesterday I noticed bruising on my inner thighs. Thought it may be diaper related, so I diapered up the same way last night. At first, I was confused, because the bruises were nowhere near any point of contact with the diaper. Then I wet twice, and my padding--a Dry 24/7 stuffed with a Tranquility Topliner beneath an Attends stuffer--swelled to just the point where it could have caused the bruising. The night of the initial bruise I was wearing a Molicare Super Plus, but stuffers were the same. I sleep on my side. Could the pressure of all that padding actually bruise me? I don't think I'm diabetic.

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    Pressure sore is my guess if you wore that much for a prolonged period of time.

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    I have had lines on my legs from the diapers. That is usually from having them on too tight. Sometimes it's caused by a rash too at the bottom.

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    Thanks for the input. They aren't lines though...more of elongated ovals. I'll keep an eye on Er.

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    That's a lot of weight being focused in one point if you sleep on your side. Basically, a lot of the weight of your leg, plus the weight of the wet diaper, are being focused at that point. When you sleep on your side without diapers on, the weight of your leg is evenly distributed over the entire inner thigh, preventing bruising.

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    Thanks for the science, CushyBums!
    Makes a ton of sense.

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    yeah, usually I stick a pillow between my legs because of that when sleeping

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtrabulk View Post
    my padding--a Dry 24/7 stuffed with a Tranquility Topliner beneath an Attends stuffer
    You think that might be your problem?! Your sleeping with a 6in thick brick smashed between your legs and your wondering if the cause of the bruising might be diabetes.... Seriously, I cant sleep on my side with a thick diaper at all or my hip joints hurt! Nothing wrong with my hips, just that legs are not made to be bent in this fashion for long periods of time. If you must wear a 20 gallon capacity diaper to bed, consider sleeping on your back. Be careful placing a pillow between your knees that is overly thick, since then you are just puting presssure on your knee joints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebehuey View Post
    yeah, usually I stick a pillow between my legs because of that when sleeping
    I sleep same way, I can't sleep if I have nothing between my knees, my mother told me I was the same when I was a baby and this habit is still there, usually I use a towel folded in 3-4 to adjust the thickness to be comfy and call me weird but it must be a clean towel each night, I have a steady supply of 14 very fluffy towels and take good care of them, I always carry them when sleeping out too.

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    Bruising is not a normal thing from diapers. The only things that I could see causing a bruise would be diaper pins, snaps from clothing, etc.

    Sleeping on your side, even with a very thick diaper that adds a lot of weight, is not enough alone to cause such bruising.

    I this something that reoccurs? And are you absolutely sure it is a bruise?

    If this is just a one time thing I would keep my eye on things to make sure it doesn't reoccur. I would also watch I see if I was seeing bruises in other places.

    There are a number of medical issues that can cause bruises or increase susceptibility to bruising. Diabetes is not one of these things, that I now of, but there are some serious conditions that could be happening. I would not be worried unless I was seeing a situation where I was starting to bruise easily. In such a case I would head to the doctor to get hesitation checked out. Again, if it is a one time thing it is probably nothing significant.

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