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Thread: When should pacifiers be replaced?

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    Arrow When should pacifiers be replaced?

    So I've had my NUK 5 for almost a year and I sleep with it in my mouth on average a few nights a week. It has some small scratches on the latex, and it becomes opaque on the sides when it's put under pressure for hours.

    Is it time to order a new one?

    Also, does anyone know if Pacifiers R Us will sell individual teats? I know how to modify a pacifier on my own and I think they charge way too much for NUK 5 mods. Otherwise I'll just order from BabyPants through Amazon.

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    The age guides on baby pacifiers would suggest that they should be changed approximately every 3-6 months. However, I would imagine that the NUK5 is made of slightly tougher stuff being that it's designed for older kids (i.e. with teeth) and adults.

    If your paci shows any signs of physical damage stop using it immediately. That includes little scratches, malformation and so on. It sounds obvious but also make sure you keep checking that it's clean and take good care to wash it thoroughly. If it has green fur growing on it then it's probably time for a new one!

    I've had mine for about a year and I've just ordered a new one. The old one is still in reasonable condition but the teat is starting to look a bit worn and I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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    Yep, replace it every 3 to 6 months or when there are any signs of damage as cgh states. I have had mine for over a year and I rarely use it, keep it out of sunlight, etc. So it is possible that they will last longer but if I were using it even weekly I would have replaced mine long ago.

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    Sounds like it can be a time for a pacifier change for you.

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    I throw the paci if:

    - is destroyed (holes, material deformation etc.)
    - it gets dirt impossible to clear

    Mostly I can use one paci around two years, without any special maintenance. I think boiling pacis can accelerate destroyer process.

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    Thanks guys!
    Sadly I'll have to wait a few weeks to order it when I go back to school I feel like I would be taking too much of a risk if it were delivered to my house.

    Any particular reason latex is so dangerous with signs of wear and tear?

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    Bits will fall off if it disintegrates, and you might choke and die, if you're a baby, or stuff could start growing in the cracks if you don't boil it, if you've not got a full healthy adult immune system. If it's latex, and you don't use it much, and it's clean but it's sticky, then it's started to disintegrate beyond normal levels and leach out who knows what, and then you really want to toss it, like if you lost it in a drawer and found it a few years later.

    If you pick it up and you think "I wonder if sticking this in my mouth might kill me?", it's probably time to toss it. If the thought of doing so doesn't give you the willies, it's probably fine.

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    To answer the Question about Pacifiers R us, I do not think they sell just the nipple. Plus they no longer use NUK. Baby pants is probly the company to go with.

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    It hasn't gotten sticky, but I do understand the choking hazard.
    I do rince it in hot water every night before use, but perhaps I should boil it soon.

    To be honest, I would like to get a silicone pacifier. But I'm not willing to pay $49 for it...

    Quote Originally Posted by binkygirl View Post
    To answer the Question about Pacifiers R us, I do not think they sell just the nipple. Plus they no longer use NUK. Baby pants is probly the company to go with.
    They stopped carrying actual NUK 5 teats? I guess that would explain the price.

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    I've got a silicone teat 7 that I got from Pacifiersrus last August that I use pretty regularly. It's not showihg any kind wear. I got another one last month so I
    rotate them quite often. I've got a NUK5 in latex but I don't use that often. It don't stay in my mouth at night very good. I've got a plastic container in my drawer
    that I keep them in.

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