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Thread: When did you start to drive?

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    Default When did you start to drive?

    When did you first get that key that gave you freedom on the wide open road? No more taking the bus or walking across intersections and beside roads wondering, "Only if I could drive..."

    Well I'm going down to my driving school tomorrow to drive with my instructor. When did you first start driving?

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    I first started "driving" the lawn mower at like 13ish and then the car at 15 3/4 (learners) and then full open at i think 16.5 yoa.

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    We lived in the middle of no where so I started driving as soon as possible my folks were nice enough to give me my first vehicle which was an 89 ford f-250, it was a heap but also was best feeling in the world, driving anywhere I wanted to go, ironically enough it was also what made it possible to buy my own diapers for first time (because I live so far out in the country) it was the first time I had been able to go to a store by myself and far enough away from where I thought anybody would recognize me.

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    16 was when I started driving alone to school and everywhere. I can't believe it has been three years since I have not been able to drive.

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    16 when I started driving with my parents and 16.5 when I started driving on my own. My folks where nice enough to buy me a car to drive (Nissan sentra). November last year I purchased my first vehicel (2005 ford courier/mazda b2600).

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    18, as 18 is the age requirement here
    Might have been 16 when I started training with my mom (16 is the lowest you can start driving, with an older person in front seat)

    I drove tractors from I were like 12 though, but not on road as thats 16..

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    So... first time I stold keys of my father's car when I was 12 or 13... But it was a stupid issue of adolescent. I've done about 50 metres and I ended the trip with the front wheels inside the soft land... Remeber the conscuences, really hell...

    But realy learnt to drive I was with 16, I was ilegal driver through 2 years and later I got finally mi license, when I was 18. Before learn with car, I started with railway vehicles, which I see preety difficult, more than car.

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    I started back in 1954 when drivers ed was mandatory in high school. I was in one of the first classes when it started. I had already been driving tractors and PU trucks
    on the farm. Got my license at 16 but couldn't get a car till I was 18. Back then my mom was getting ADC from the state and couldn't get a car till I was taken off at 18.
    I now don't have a DL because of vision and problems with my left arm. How times have changed on license and insurance laws.

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    I started having driving lessons when I was 17, and passed my test when I was nearly 18. I absolutely loved driving at first, but I got really sick of it after about a 10 years... so when I got into my first accident and wrote the car off I didn't buy another one. Traffic has got a lot worse in the last 20 years too. One job I had was 22 miles away from my flat. It took 2.5 hours to drive there, and almost exactly the same by train (I'd have to take 4 different trains). That really sucked. Quite a few of my friends drive (probably over 50% of them) so occasionally I'm able to enjoy the luxury of being chauffeured around!

    I used to cycle a lot. I could ride up to 35 miles off-road in one trip (takes ~3hrs), and could often beat public transport (i.e. 25mins by bike into a town about 8 or 9 miles away, versus 45mins by bus or an hour by train). I used to get pretty nervous on some of the roads because of the atrocious standards of driving that people have... and then I got hit by a car which has stopped to give way to me, then accelerated hard into the side of me as I went past. The driver (probably drunk or using their mobile) gave me fake details and refused to take me to hospital unless I abandoned my bike by the side of the road! I had to spend several hundreds of pounds on fixing the damage. So now I don't really cycle either seeing as it's not worth the risk to my life to share the roads with reckless drivers... :-(

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    Right after my 18th birthday, which means as soon as the law allowed me to. Before that I had experimented a bit as a kid under my dad's supervision (not on the public road, of course) but I've never been cocky (or reckless) enough to steal the keys and go for a ride on my own before I was legally able to do so.

    Quote Originally Posted by BabyBalto View Post
    No more taking the bus or walking across intersections and beside roads wondering, "Only if I could drive..."
    I like motor vehicles and I like to drive, hell I'm even a classic cars enthusiast, but driving in this area has become a real hassle with the amount of traffic we get at any hour of the day. I also realize that, even if in some situations having the keys of a car equals to having the keys to freedom, owning cars is also a form of slavery to them because of taxes, insurances, maintenance costs and last but not least the price of gas, which at 1,7/1,8 euros per liter makes even the most fuel efficient car not that "wallet-efficient" anymore. Under this perspective, I lately reconsidered my position on public transportation, which I always hated, but often turns out to be much more money efficient than driving, especially on the very long distance trips (can't beat a 15 euros ryanair flight to the UK!). The scenarios of northern cities like Copenhagen - which is organized for everyone to go around by bike or public transport in a very rational and environmentally friendly way - definitely sound smarter than what happens in urban areas here in Italy, where there are definitely too many cars around, and many people view their cars as a status-symbol.

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