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Thread: Diaper Habit: Could you stop in a blink!?

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    Question Diaper Habit: Could you stop in a blink!?

    I see there's a lot about diaper addiction already; but it's only just occurred to me recently how I'm invariably less of a DL than most on ADISC.

    By that I mean, I rarely wear.
    In the past 6 years I've been part of the forum, it was only in Summer 2012 - at the generosity of another member - that I actually tried 'proper' diapers. I've since then only bought one pack of 'proper' diapers. It's an occasional thing, not a regular thing. It's something I take comfort in once in a while - a treat if you will

    Maybe it's because I'm still under my parents roof, but I just wonder - for those of you who have the freedom to wear when you want, and particularly do wear more often than not (if not all the time) - do you think you could give it up at the click of your fingers?

    Especially those who do wear every day - does it not bore you? Has it gotten to the point where you almost feel you couldn't physically do without your diapers on a regular or daily basis?

    Truth be told, I'd be too scared to get to that point in my DL life where it's just habit or routine. As I say, the comfort and enjoyment factor of it is quite special to me, and feel I'd lose that with regular wearing.

    Just out of sheer curiosity is all; it would be great to hear your opinions on this.


    p.s. I'm a little rusty in bringing my thoughts back into the forum; I hope I'm making sense

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    Well, I don't think there is any one concrete answer to your question, other than to say that you will find it is a sliding sort of spectrum. Some people, such as yourself are at one end of the spectrum with wearing very little if at all. Then there are those at the other end of the spectrum that are wearing 24/7 and have been for years despite no actual medical need to.

    Personally I am one of those who like to wear every chance I get. Before I got married, and didn't have anyone else's feelings or viewpoints to consider, I would often wear 24/7 for a week or two at a time.

    To answer your question about it getting boring; no I never found that wearing diapers frequently to be boring at all, nor did it get old. I have remained just as interested in diapers as I ever have been. I have curtailed my diaper wearing time since being married, but my interest in them remains just as it was years ago.

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    I feel like I can't really explain this well so please excuse me if this doesn't make any sense. Back when I was 15-16, I came to the bright conclusion I could use self checkouts and rode my bike late at night to get GoodNites. I went about a year without getting caught. I would wear almost nightly unless my life was crashing down and diapers were the last thing on my mind. Once my parents found out, they..."accepted" it and I can now wear whenever I please as long as I am not hurting anyone or myself, or it becomes a problem to them or their home. I almost wear on the daily now. It used to be about 2 weeks of consistent wearing and then I would lose entire interest for about a month and then come right back stronger than ever. So far I've dealt with that about...say 10 times minimum, but the past year I have not dealt with that. I don't think I could honestly give up wearing out of my own will because there's no reason for me to. The only reason I occasionally think about is the environment but at the same time we're pretty much screwed either way. One person won't save the world. I plan to move out here in the next 2 months with a friend that has no idea about this side of me, but unless he is not okay with it, I'll keep wearing. I could see giving it up for something really important such as a job, kids, wife/husband (depends on reaction), etc. but that's a matter of opinion.

    As for losing that special feeling, I can say from experience that it does become just normal, at least for me. Back when I bought my first pack of goodnites, the sensation was incredible. That lasted about for a few months on the nightly wearing schedule I had because I hadn't worn diapers since I was 2. How long can that last though? If you're wearing almost never than that feeling will more than likely survive for a long long time but if you start wearing regularly/daily, your mind will probably begin to accept the fact this is normal, but I have no idea how it can work for other people, this is just from person experience and guessing. Guess that's the end of my rant haha. Take care.

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    speaking as someone who wears to bed pretty much every night, no it absolutely never gets boring. in fact, sometimes i almost can't believe how much i enjoy wearing diapers -- it makes me so happy!

    could i give it up? yes, easily, and i have, for weeks or even months at a time if i don't have the privacy to wear conveniently. but would i want to live a lifestyle that would force me to give up diapers permanently? definitely not -- i could never be happy in the long term without at least occasional opportunities to wear diapers.

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    Of course it can vary person to person.
    I used to wear occasionally, but I have been wearing 24/7
    for over a year now.

    I personally am not tired of them at all.
    I could give up the just wearing for fun part, tho would have to still
    for minor IC issues.

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    Default Re: Diaper Habit: Could you stop in a blink!?

    There's no way to completely quit.

    Sure you can stop wearing diapers at a snap of a finger but you'll always have diapers on your mind. It doesn't just stop.

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    I got so hooked on diapers that I started putting them in my blender, and blended them into a liquid. From there I main lined them into a vein. Sadly, Moo had to send the guys in black, take me forcibly from my home and into Diaper Rehab. Now I can get by with just wearing two or three nights a week.

    In the real world, (not inside dogboy's strange mind) I enjoy wearing diapers and regressing. I've gone without wearing for these last two weeks as we've had the family home for Christmas, and I'm fine with that, but sometimes the urge hits hard, and I have to imagine being diapered when I go to sleep. The desire comes and goes, but there are times when it hits hard, and if it's convenient in terms of my work week and getting up early, I really enjoy wearing and wetting them. It's just something that eventually must be satiated.

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    i couldnt give diapers up. my mom tried to have counselors talk me out of wearing them but the last counselor i went to for a different reason actually encouraged me to wear them. I dont ever want to stop wearing them. They definitely dont bore me

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    Would most of us even be here if we could just stop?

    Yes, I have stopped before, but the urge always comes around
    I can go months w/o wearing, but still be drawn to diaper sites
    I can go weeks w/o either diapers or sites

    Lately I have wore more than usually, but mostly cause I have also been outside more than usual
    If I put it on, ill stay in it until it leaks
    After this diaper, which I have had on for 16 hours now, I prolly wont use a new one in a few days..

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    I am not sure if I could stop. I guess if I had to for the right guy or gal. But wearing diapers as well as crossdressing help me relax for the days stresses.

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